I was recently invited by Comcast to attend the #XfinityMoms Appy Hour event in the DMV area. I’ve been hearing a lot about what’s new at Comcast, so I was eager to attend. I love gaining insight into what popular companies have in the works–especially if I think it may impact my life in some way.

I’ll be honest and tell you that we haven’t always had the best experience with Comcast. In the past, my husband and I felt like their customer service left much to be desired. As a result, we actually don’t even have XFINITY cable services at the moment. We only use them for our internet access.

Thankfully, I am all about second chances. If a brand genuinely wants to own what went wrong and share what they plan to do to make things right, I am all ears.

I am so glad I attended the event. I had a chance to connect with awesome bloggers from my area, and that is always tons of fun. I saw a few old friends and made a few new ones. We talked about XFINITY, motherhood, food, and life. It was a good time. And the cupcakes served by the XFINITY team made it even more fun. Everyone love a good cupcake, right?

XFINITY Cupcakes

Yummy Cupcakes at #XfinityMoms “Appy Hour”

The team at Comcast XFINITY was excited to have us there and after lots of great conversation, they got down to business and began sharing what XFINITY has in the works. First, I have to tell you that everyone there was awesome. And I don’t just say that because they answered all my questions. I mean they genuinely had great personalities and seemed eager to share about a company they are proud to be a part of. I have a pretty good BS meter, and I can tell you that I didn’t feel like a single person there was just feeding me what they thought I wanted to hear. They were sharing the real deal.

So what is the real deal? Here goes.

Check out a few ways XFINITY is working hard to help give families what they need most.


If I can be honest, I have to tell you that I am not easily impressed. That said, the features offered with XFINITY X1 are pretty darn impressive. From the ability to find recent shows watched with ease, to cloud-based DVR access (LOVE it!), XFINITY is working hard to offer customers entertainment options that can keep everyone in the family happy.

So what were some of my favorite XFINITY X1 features? I decided to highlight just a few.

  • Live Video Feed. Imagine grandma and grandpa living miles away and feeling sad about always missing their grandchild’s soccer games. Now, imagine you whipping out your smartphone to record the game that grandma and grandpa can now stream LIVE (yes, live) through X1. Crazy, right? They get to be at the game even though they are nowhere near the game! I think this is such an awesome feature because it would help so many families stay connected during some of life’s most meaningful moments. XFINITY hit a homerun with this feature for sure.
  • Kids Zone. I have two young kids, so Kids Zone is just what I need to help monitor what they have access to when watching television. With my oldest now able to use the remote with ease, I have to admit that It’s time for me to start thinking more about what he might access on TV. With Kids Zone, he can take control of the remote and access some of his favorite shows without me worrying one bit because I can make sure he’s only accessing age-appropriate content. You can also view Common Sense Media ratings and reviews, allowing you to give a thumbs up to the things you love and a thumbs down to what won’t fly in your home.
  • Voice Remote. Yes, this is as awesome as it sounds. I tell my remote what I want and it happens. And the best part? It doesn’t matter if you have crappy memory (which I do). If I want to watch a movie and I have no idea what the title is, I can just say the star’s name or my favorite line from the film, and it just pops up. Incredible. This alone might be a reason for us to get XFINITY X1. Talk about making this busy mama’s life simple with a single gadget.

Learning more about what XFINITY has to offer


I have a security system at home and I’ve always felt safe with it, but the features offered through XFINITY Home definitely have me wondering if it’s time for an upgrade. Some of my favorite XFINITY Home features include:

  • Getting a text alert when someone comes home (an alert tells you the front door was opened)
  • Scheduling the lights to come on at sundown (yep, we all want people to think we’re always home)
  • Video clips sent to you when a motion sensor is activated
  • Arm and disarm the system remotely
  • Live video monitoring (so you can know what your kids are up to and that they made it home safely)

XFINITY Home gives you everything you need to keep your family safe. If you don’t have a security system, or if you have one that leaves much to be desired, this is definitely worth looking into. Like I said, we’ve been happy with our system, but I have been talking to my husband about changing to XFINITY Home. I really do love all the features.



Learning about XFINITY Home features


Giving XFINITY Home a try

And it wouldn’t be “Appy Hour” if we didn’t talk about apps, right? When it comes to cool (and useful) apps, XFINITY has you covered. You have:

  • XFINITY TV app
  • XFINITY Connect app
  • XFINITY WiFi app
  • XFINITY Home app
  • XFINITY My Account app

Connect with friends, pay your bill, live stream your kid’s soccer game, arm your security system from another state, and watch your favorite DVR shows–all on your smartphone or tablet using these apps. I think that’s pretty sweet. Talk about convenient.

I didn’t know what to expect when I decide to attend this event. I have to say that the XFINITY team exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot that I truly didn’t know about the company (I had no clue XFINITY Home even existed). This “Appy Hour” came complete with great connections, yummy cupcakes, and a ton of information I shared with my husband when I got home that night. It was definitely worth my time (thank goodness, because my babysitter came over just so I could go).

I look forward to enjoying the Galaxy tablet (maybe I’ll share it with the kids) and the other goodies I received at the event. I definitely see more of Comcast XFINITY in our future. When a company is able to meet multiple family needs and do it well, it’s a company worth looking at.

Disclosure: I was recently invited to attend a blogger event as part of the Comcast #XfinityMoms initiative. I received a gift bag and tablet for attending the event. As usual, all opinions shared in this post are my own.