I love my kids. No really, I do. But I swear they refuse to let me be great when it comes to achieving my fitness goals. I call them my little haters. What?! You call your kids that, too? I’m not surprised.

Through my work, I try to help women focus on living well. I think what makes me different from a typical health or wellness coach is the fact that look at everything through the lens of motherhood. I know that managing everything in your life is challenging when you have kids, so moms need simple solutions that work. Solutions that can change their lives without stressing them out.

I get that.

So after giving birth to baby number three almost 4 months ago, I really had to ask myself how my new fitness journey would look because things were going to change BIG TIME. Not only do I now have another human being who needs me, but we recently became obsessed with Dave Ramsey and decided to cancel our gym membership so we can use that money for something else.

It was time to get creative.

And listen, I am not mad at my kids for trying to dominate all of my free time. That’s what kids are supposed to do. But I also know that I refuse to find myself blaming my kids for my extra weight and bad habits when they don’t even live here anymore. Nah, I don’t wanna be that mom.

And I am all about showing myself some grace. It’s a lesson I learned a couple of years ago and doing so has allowed me to not only survive but to thrive as a mother, wife, entrepreneur and more. So I am not trying to pressure myself into taking off pounds when I am still adjusting and baby girl is only 4 months old. But I also know that the longer I wait to form my healthy habits, the harder it will be for me to get into the flow of healthy living.

I am just not willing to wait. It won’t work out well for me or my family if do.

So I’ve decided that even with three kids and a crazy scheduled, I will not lose. I will find a way to make healthy living a priority.

Why? Because I deserve it! Also, the people I love most deserve to interact with me when I am at my best. I can’t be my best if I allow myself to come last.

I know you love details, so let me share what I’ve been doing to work around the haters–aka my kids–and smash my wellness goals.

Let go of the “go hard or go home” mentality.

This was hard for me to do. It’s a part of who I am. If I can’t smash a goal, I want no part of it. But I had to accept that my life has changed a lot in the last decade. I am no longer a childless woman trying to hit the gym for 90 minutes before or after work. I need to realize that on some days, going hard means getting in a workout with my 7-minute workout app or something short on Sworkit.  And you know what? On some days, despite my best efforts, I can’t even find the damn 7 minutes to work out. On those days, I choose sleep and that is more than okay.

Play more with your kids.

Earlier this week I was sweating in my backyard playing tag with my two older kids. It was a win-win, really. I got to move around and burn calories and they had a blast playing with mommy. You really can’t beat that.

Drink water as soon as you wake up.

I recently started drinking 16 ounces of water first thing in the morning and it is changing my world. Dramatic? Nope, not at all (okay, maybe slightly dramatic). When you have kids, it is so hard to remember everything and something as simple as staying hydrated slips through the cracks. Now, I place 16 ounces of water on my nightstand and I take it to the head in the morning. It helps me feel more energized and it also helps with managing my hunger throughout the day.

Get it in while they are occupied.

If you don’t let your kids watch T.V. this tip may not work for you, but my kids watch T.V.  I don’t feel bad about it either. They aren’t allowed to watch T.V. during the school week once school starts but during the summer and on weekends, we love a good show or movie. That said, sometimes I pull out my iPad and play my Tae Bo video (judge if you want but Tae Bo is still the ish in my book). I workout while they watch a show or two on Disney. And what’s the baby doing? She is typically napping, but if she is up, they kids entertain her and everyone is just fine.

Communicate your needs.

Whether it’s your husband, your mom, or a good friend, let the people in your life support you by telling them what you need. As far as I’m concerned, working out is not some luxury you need to earn. It’s essential. Ask the people you love to support your goals by managing the kids for 60-90 minutes so you can workout and take a freakin’ shower. The kids will be fine and your body will thank you for the love.

What do you do to reach your fitness goals despite your hectic schedule as a mom?