Have you ever experienced that moment where you discover a new product and your think, why didn’t I think of that?  I know I have, and when I learned about WipesWraps by CleverRelish that thought came to mind.

WipesWraps are clever covers used to turn plain ol’ baby wipes tubs into stylish accessories that you will gladly place anywhere in your home. Invented by Jill Carreiro, a savvy mom of four, WipesWraps is the first product being offered by CleverRelish, a company committed to developing products that offer clever solutions to those everyday issues that can drive us nuts.

Considering what the plain tubs look like, how could you not be excited about the 48 different WipesWraps prints offered through CleverRelish.  I also think WipeWraps ($14.95) make a great baby shower gift. They are cute, easy to use, and really do add a bit of flavor to any room you place them in.

My favorite prints are Cool Tulips, Lagoon Stripes, and Candy Dots. I keep the Candy Dots in my 17-month-old daughter’s room and the Lagoon Stripes in my 4-year-old son’s room (yes, he is potty trained, but his hands are always sticky these days).  I think I may even consider adding some style to my car by putting a cover on the tub I keep in there too. Why not, right?


I think CleverRelish has definitely created a very cool introductory product and I can’t wait to see what they will develop next.  If it’s as clever as WipesWraps, I will be all over it! As a busy mom of two who has more on my plate than I can handle some days, I appreciate any company that is working hard to make my life a little bit easier (and more stylish, of course!).


Disclaimer:  I received two WipesWraps prints to conduct this review.  All opinions shared in this review are my own.