2014 goalsI have had an incredibly challenging first few days of the year. Life has a way of reminding us that despite all of our plans, things just happen and  we can’t control it all.  I have learned, however, that  although I cannot control what the universe throws my way, I can control my reaction to it.  So despite tears and moments of incredible frustration and disappointment, I have realized that I can’t let anyone or anything steal my joy or derail my plans.  I must remain in control of my destiny.  I must remain focused.

I had big plans for the week: multiple blog posts, a giant vision board, tons of emails to send.  Things didn’t turn out that way.  But it’s okay because a week of challenges certainly won’t change anything about the year of blessings that I know lies ahead.

I am about to share a list of phrases I plan on saying by the time this year ends.  I am not superstitious, so I don’t think I’m jinxing myself by putting this out into the universe.  Rather, I think I am just speaking my blessings into existence.  I hope speaking these truths helps me hold myself accountable throughout the year.  I hope it also gives you,  my readers, a chance to walk through this journey with me and the liberty to hold me accountable, too.  I also hope that sharing these statements helps you realize by the end of the year that all you have to do is say it and believe it and the rest falls into place.

Here goes…. my 12/31/14 statements of truth.

1. “I am so glad I went through that life coaching certification program and my coaching business is beginning to take off.  I can’t wait to see how the business unfolds in 2015.”

2. “That family vacation to the Caribbean was one of the best experiences I had all year.”

3. “Yes!  I finally know how to swim.  It’s about time”

4.  “That was hard as hell but I finished the Self/More half marathon in April and the Baltimore marathon in October.  I am a beast!”

5.  “Who knew a wine business could be so freakin’ fun. Not only did I have a successful year but I was able to have a few women join my team.

6. “So, this was my first full year as a vegetarian.  Not bad at all.”

7. “Presenting at BlogHer and Blogalicious was better than I expected.  What a high!”

8. “I’m so glad I spent more time with my kids this year.  They are growing way too fast”

9. “Six years in and my husband still has my back — always.  I love this dude!”

10. “Healthier, more focused and 30+ pounds lighter.  Sweet!”

11. “Again, another fabulous year learning from and growing with my BMWK fam. Some o f the best writers (and people) I know.”

12. ” So proud of myself for meeting my financial goals for the year.”

13. “I’m close to making twice as much as I made in 2013 and now it’s only doing what I love.  Life is good!”

14. ” I finally had an article published in a print magazine. Definitely a huge accomplishment for me.”

15.”I read 4 books this year… for fun. I haven’t done that since BC (before children).”

16. ” My little boy can read!  So so proud.”

17. “The Get Radical Women’s Conference was absolutely amazing and life changing.”

18. ” I am at peace with every decision I made this year.”

19. “My relationship with God is stronger than it has ever been.  Amen!”