It’s almost here. A New Year.

The hype about what can happen on January 1st is typically one of two things: inspiring or annoying. Some of us are thrilled about the idea of a new start, eager to leave some of the disappointments from 2015 behind.

But many of us also realize that nothing magical happens on January 1st. It’s just another day on the calendar. Sure, it’s the start of a new year, but it’s also just another day.

If you are depressed on December 31st, you don’t wake up happy on January 1st simply because you decided that achieving joy would be a resolution. If you were overeating and failing to exercise in 2015, nothing about January 1st will make your habits change (we’ll, at least not any kind of lasting change).

You see, the start of a new year can, indeed, be very exciting. I will be honest and tell you that it is for me this year. But I have also been on the other side. In the past I have started a year off feeling like, “this is it… this will be my best year ever,” only to find that four weeks in I still feel just as lost and discouraged as a felt in December. What a damn disappointment, right?

But does that mean all hope is lost if you are in a bad place right now? NO. Please don’t think all hope is lost. If you are breathing and reading this, you have hope. Where there is life, there is always hope. But hope alone won’t change your life. Counting down to midnight — with loved ones or alone — doesn’t change a thing.

YOU have to change — not the year.

where there is life there is hope

2015 was a successful year for me in some regards, but in many ways it seemed incredibly difficult. I spent the early part of the year feeling frustrating and a bit sad. Then, around mid-year, I found my way out of that fog and even created a workbook to help others do the same. But as the year came to an end, I started to feel overwhelmed. Preparing to leave the security of a job I’ve had for over 4 years, and daring to do this entrepreneurial thing full-time–well, it started to feel like a crazy ass idea.

What the F was I thinking? How was I going to make it?

But then I found peace. I prayed. I heard words of encouragement from my best friend and others who love me deeply. I was told by so many in my circle that they would support my entrepreneurial efforts if I simply kept them in he loop. It all warmed my heart. It feels good to know the people you love have your back.

jack canfield

But despite my newfound peace and all the wonderful sentiments from loved one, I have still been fighting against those demons called fear and doubt. They still linger, causing me to question these massive leaps of faith I’ve chosen to take.

So what do I do about them? How do I get them out of my head and out of my space?

I finally realized it’s simple. I change.

And although I have changed and shifted quite a bit in the last year, I need to change more. Some of my old habits need to go. The way I face fear needs to change. Some of my views about spending and money management need to go out the door. Even how I approach life needs to shift a bit. I need to say NO to more. I need to say YES to more. I need to continue finding a better way of living. I better way to experience life.

I am on a mission to transform my entire life in these 33 months leading to my 40th birthday. I have some work to do, and I plan to have a whole lot of fun while I do it. And the work I need to do will not revolve around the start of a new year.

By now I’m sure you are wondering, what’s the plan, sis, and can it help me?

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I will gladly share my plan. I cannot guarantee it will help you. I don’t make many guarantees because I hate making promises I can’t keep.

But I do promise to share all my upas and downs. I promise to share what I’ve figured out (much of which I share through consulting). I promise to share when I fall, how I fell, and what I do to get back up.

I plan to let you in.

But what about right now? WHAT IS THE PLAN if the excitement about 2016 doesn’t excite you?

Take it one day at a time. That’s the plan.

Make a plan for January 1st and then at the end of that day make a plan for the 2nd. And if you can, avoid the following: 

  • People who talk just to hear themselves talk 
  • Sleeping less than 6 hours a night 
  • Eating after 9pm 
  • Eating too much sugar 
  • Saying yes to things you really don’t want to do 
  • Taking things personally
  • Comparing yourself to others

I think we all have to focus just as much on the things that need to go, than we do on the things we want to attract. If you don’t actively work on getting rid of the mess in your life, how can you possibly make room for the greatness ahead?

I wish you a 2016 that you will remember (with a smile) for years to come. I hope it’s a year that makes you feel at peace.It doesn’t need to be the best year of your life (whatever that means to you), but it can be a meaningful year of your life. No hype, no BS–just a good ass year.

Is that reasonable? Is that doable? I think so. I hope you do, too.

Tell me how you feel about the start of a new year and let me know if there is anything I can do to make the year meaningful for you.