It’s 4:57am. I have been up since 4:19am. That is early for me. Frankly, that’s early for most people. And why am I up at 4:19am? Because I am searching for answers and realize that I need to make a few drastic changes in my life. You see, I have fallen off the grid a bit. It may not seem like it to you because I am still posting regularly, but I just haven’t been myself, and my performance in most areas of my life has become pretty disappointing. That needs to stop.

I handle stress pretty well. So much so that I have often thought of it as a gift. I have a great ability to process pain and come back stronger. Some of that comes from being so candid will the people I love. I don’t bite my tongue and I rarely let things fester. I have always been grateful for that. But lately, I have to admit that I have been wondering if my gift is still intact. Life has me questioning my ability to bounce back, let alone come back stronger. 

I have finally realized, though, that my gift is still here–still intact. The problem, however, is that I have been neglecting my body and soul, and the price for doing that is pretty awful. I have been praying, but it’s clear that I need a deeper connection with God. I have been working out, but I need more of that, too.

In my search for answers, it’s become clear that without change, my answers won’t come–well, at least not the answers that I need. Changing how I do things daily is the answer. That’s the only thing that makes sense right now.

So what’s going to change? I plan to wake up daily between 4 and 5am (yes, even on the weekends–unless I am sick). I plan to workout 3-5 times a week (shooting for 5 unless something serious gets in the way). And I also plan to make time to meditate more often, giving myself more opportunities to be still and listen to what He has to say. And I hate to even admit this, but my television habit has to go. I’m a bit of a pop culture junkie but Dr. Phil, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Scandal just aren’t going to enhance my life in any way (although I will hit that record button and watch them while I workout sometimes).

So, this update is not about how many pounds or inches I have lost, because focusing on that just hasn’t been a priority for me lately. This is about finding answers. This is about my overall wellness. This is about realizing that my ability to succeed in the world and find joy is undoubtedly connected to my ability to create a sense of well-being in every area of my life.

I’m not certain what this early rising will do for my life, but I’m going to put some faith in the old adage and hope that by the time the year ends, I will find myself healthy, wealthy, and wise.