It’s been a few weeks since my last wellness update. Life has been a bit hectic, but isn’t that the case for all of us. I have been able to cut back on sugar–although I fell off the wagon HARD this weekend. Oh, and those miracle mornings I started having are no longer a miracle. My miracle mornings have come to a halt. Apparently my 2-year-old daughter felt like she wanted in on the miracle too, so she started waking up super early and my morning routine went down the drain. Unfortunately, I ended up going back to making late nights a habit and I am back where I started. Yes, I am pretty annoyed. Thankfully the little one is starting to go back to her normal sleeping habits and I am hopeful that I can get back on track and start my morning routine again.

In other news, we just joined Merritt Athletic Clubs and I am excited. It has this amazing pool area for families that my kids will absolutely love so I can’t wait until Memorial Day weekend. And the classes there seem incredible. On Saturday I took a Body Attack/Body Combat class and my muscles are still pissed off at me. I think I woke up muscles that have been asleep for a while. The class was tons of fun, though, so I am excited about fitting these classes into my life and getting my health back on track.

Today I feel like I am under the weather so I am going to give myself the room to rest and recover, but as soon as I feel better I am hitting the gym and getting back on my early morning tip. I think one modification I will make is waking up at 5:00am instead of 4:00am. That will give me enough time to pull it together and get my mind right before the kids wake up, and it will work out well because I won’t be working out in the morning anymore. This way I can go to bed at 10:00pm and still get a good 7 hours of sleep. I think that is enough to have me feeling pretty darn good.

And I am considering yoga. I just keep hearing about all the freakin’ benefits so I am willing to give it one more try. Every time I have tried yoga, it just never works out well. If it’s a class, the breathing noises from the person on either side of me drives me nuts. If I try it at home, the DVD just bores the mess out of me. But, I will give it one last try. If it doesn’t work, I am going to try pilates, which I actually have enjoyed in the past. I am also thinking about trying a barre class at Merritt. I tried one for the first time a couple of months ago at Haven on the Lake and it was an incredible workout.

I am not sure where you are on your fitness and wellness journey, but please share with me. I’d love to hear what’s working and what’s not. The journey is not easy, but the lessons learned are amazing and I am grateful for who I am and where I am. Despite any struggles I may have faced, my body has served me well. I pray that it continues to do so (even when my muscles are pissed off), because I have things to do.