shutterstock_79975807With less than ten months remaining in the year, I think this is a great time for all of us to take a close look at our lives and ask ourselves, am I actively pursuing what I really want to do this year?  Certainly, I hope your answer is yes, but I know that life gets the best of us all. We get distracted and what started out as a year filled with plans to achieve our goals turns into a year filled with taking care of others and forgetting all about ourselves. I’ve been there. Actually, I have spent the last two months fighting with all my might to not be there. I know how easy it is to put ourselves (and our dreams) on the back burner because something happens and the people we love need us. It happens with remarkable ease.

One of the things that have given me the strength and courage to push through the challenges in my life this year has been my anticipation for the Get RADICAL Women’s Conference. Only two weeks away, I have been patiently awaiting this conference. I know that it will be a chance for me to grow, learn, and take steps towards truly experiencing the type of year I want to experience—the type of year I deserve to experience.

I think of myself as the average women, but there is nothing average about my aspirations in life. What makes me average you ask? That’s simple. The details of my life are nothing spectacular. I am a wife, a mother of two, a caregiver to a mother who is ill, and I live in the suburbs of Maryland. Now, what makes my aspirations extraordinary? I have huge plans for my family and myself. I plan to build a great career as a writer and a business that not only serves me mentally, spiritually, and financially, but a career that will serve my family financially for generations to come. My dreams are big, and they will come true.
If you are like me and you have big dreams, you should seriously consider attending this conference. Here are 5 reasons why I think you should attend the Get RADICAL Women’s Conference. Tell me what you and think, and tell me if you plan to be there. I will certainly look for you if you are.

1. You feel stuck. If you have so much you want to do with your life but you are either overwhelmed by the information out there or you just have no idea where to start, I think meeting women at the Get RADICAL Women’s Conference and hearing their stories will inspire you and help you become unstuck.

2. You want more for your life and for your children. This doesn’t mean that you are unhappy with the life you have. It also doesn’t mean more in the financial sense (although it can). It simply means that deep in your gut, you feel like this can’t be it. You know that your life plans are bigger than what you are living.

3. Your dreams are so big, some people laugh at them. People don’t need to see what you see, not even your own husband. If you have a vision, and it’s too big for others to understand, that does not mean you should let it go. Make your dream a reality.

4. You’ve been sitting on your passion for years and doing nothing about it. Year after year, you keep telling yourself that you will finally start that business or write that book, but it just never happens. I hate to break it to you, but you are not getting younger. Stop letting time pass you by and start moving towards your dreams.

5. You are scared to take a leap of faith. Taking that leap of faith is hard. There is no doubt about that. But it is necessary. We can be prepared to move forward, but there will always be unanswered questions and fear will always be present. You have to be okay with that and move forward anyway. Have faith in yourself and what you can accomplish.

Disclaimer: I will be receiving a free ticket to the Get RADICAL Conference in exchange for being a part of the media/blogger team. However, all opinions/views shared are my own.