Image courtesy of Jomphong /".

Image courtesy of Jomphong /

While we are all thinking about moms everywhere, and we happen to be in the gift-giving mood, how awesome would it be to give a mom in need the gift of  life?

Kangu is a platform that helps to fund pre-natal care and a healthy delivery for pregnant women in need. Kangu allows you to search through profiles of pregnant women across the world so you can select someone whose story and photo speaks to you – someone you feel compelled to help.

You can support your selected mama by donating $10 or more, and you will receive updates on how mama and baby are doing. You are even able to connect with others who have supported the same woman.

Through various partners, Kangu provides these women with life-saving, quality healthcare and that care makes all the difference.

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of life and help a woman in need provide her unborn child with care that can give them a shot at making it. These mamas deserve it – and most importantly, their babies do.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!