Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home mom, or you work outside of the home, being a mother can be tough work. But, despite the rough days, it is quite rewarding. As a mother, you want to be with your babies as they reach their first milestones, and you also get to be there for your older children when they need you most.

But there are times when you can’t remember the last time you got some peace and quiet when you went to the bathroom, or when you could eat an entire meal in one sitting. You want to hide when your children continue to fight over who will find Pikachu first while playing “Pokemon Go,” and you see no shame in serving cereal and milk with a side of popcorn for dinner.

To avoid some of these situations, any mom spending time at home with the kids should have a few survival kit on hand to help remedy crazy or stressful times as they occur. This guide can help you create your own kit and hopefully bring some peace to the house when it’s needed.

Delegate Quiet Time

Everyone needs some quiet time alone during the day especially children who are constantly on the go. This is a good way to teach young ones to play independently and understand there are times when everyone needs to go to their rooms for some relaxation.

During this time, if your kids are too old to nap, they can quietly play with their electronics, such as tablets or laptops. If you want a true quiet time, ban all screens for one or two hours and let your children read a book, color, or do something else that’s creative. For you, this will probably be some much-needed down time to nap, clean up something or simply just sit in silence.

Keep a Special Treasure Box

With younger children, something new will always occupy their time. Have a special treasure box you keep hidden. Fill it with fun dollar store crafts, toys, and books. When your children are being good yet are finding themselves bored, you can pull one of these treasures out for them. It can also be used as part of a reward system for doing chores, not fighting with siblings, etc. These are great on rainy days or in the West when triple digit temperatures keep them indoors.

Purchase Entertainment Coupons

Your survival kit should also include some fun deal-of-the-day coupons you get online at places such as Groupon. Many times you can find discount for local miniature golf, roller skating, bowling, and trampoline venues. Purchase a few that you know you will use and on those days when the kids need to release some excess energy, but the weather has kept them indoors. Make sure to check the expiration dates and consider purchasing some so they can bring a friend for double the fun.

Find Some Yummy Kid-Friendly Recipes

Baking is always fun to do, so keep some easy and tasty recipes in your survival kit. You can use these on days when you’re not overwhelmed with other household duties that you don’t mind the kitchen getting a little messed up. Kids love to bake, and it teaches some great math skills too. Some simple treats you can make are Rice Krispy squares, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, chocolate-dipped pretzels, or strawberries. Consider purchasing some kid-sized aprons or cooking utensils.

Make Some Time for You

While it’s wonderful that you work hard to keep your children busy especially during school vacations, as a mom, it’s also quite important to make time for yourself. This should definitely be a priority at least once a week and make sure you plan for it so you can relish in every minute alone you may have.

If you want to do a makeover, either at home or a salon, there are plenty of free resources out there that provides beauty, skincare, and hair care tips. Download your favorite songs, movies, or television shows and have them on standby ready to listen to or watch. Plan a date with your hubby or significant other or even a night out with the girls. Finally, your “me time” can also consist of a long bath and an even longer nap. As long as you make this time about you, then it doesn’t matter what activity you plan.

Jordan Davis is a freelance writer based out of Southern California who enjoys writing about fashion, lifestyle, technology, and fitness. When not writing she enjoys cooking and going hiking. She can also be found on Twitter.