It’s been months since I posted an update about the Sisterhood Project. So long, in fact, I think many of my newest readers and tribe members have no idea what the Sisterhood Project even is. To get some insight into how it all started a few years ago, click here.

The Sisterhood Project has been a strange part of my life, and I mean that in the best possible way. It’s something God placed in my heart a few years ago. I took action when the idea came to me, and although I was unable to follow through in a way that made sense, the passion for moving forward with it never died. It remained an important part of my life. When the idea came to me, the  project was all about positive, uplifting gestures and the importance of paying it forward. After all this time, the core of SP has never changed.

Last year, I found myself very confused about what was next for SP. Why did I feel so strongly about doing something, yet unable to figure out what that something should be? It was frustrating. But still, I remained faithful, knowing that God would help me make sense of it in time.

One day, I told a good friend, Jamie, about it. Although I can’t remember her exact words, it was clear that she understood how special it was to me. Later on, the two of us were talking about ways we could collaborate as entrepreneurs and the she mentioned the Sisterhood Project. I will always remember the respect and compassion she conveyed through her words; understanding that SP was my baby, and insisting that no hard feelings would ever exist if it wanted to keep it my baby.

Listening to her talk and share her ideas made so much sense. It all made sense in that moment. This is what I was waiting for. A way to move forward with SP that felt right. Doing this with Jamie felt right.

Over the course of several months, we talked about all the wonderful things we wanted to do with SP. So what happened? Life happened. Being busy, juggling work and our families, trying to find the time to make it work — well, it was all hard.

But one day Jamie came to me to share that we would have our first opportunity to speak to a group of young women preparing to go to college. I was thrilled.

This is what the two of us decided the Sisterhood Project would be about: Paying it Forward through our talents. We wanted to offer paid services in our areas of expertise to women who truly needed those services, and then use a portion of the profits to offer similar services to girls who needed them, but would otherwise be unable to access such services.

I believed that finally doing our first event together would be amazing, and I was right. It wasn’t perfect, but the energy was amazing.

A few months ago, we had a chance to speak to a group of young women (pictured below) about preparing for college life. We facilitated activities and discussions. We answered questions. We had candid conversations.

Sisterhood Project College Prep Speakers

We were asked to facilitate the event by the Baltimore County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Incorporated. You have to take a moment to read this piece they wrote following the event. It makes me smile.

A few more pics from our event …

Sisterhood Project - College Prep


Sisterhood Project - College Prep


Sisterhood Project - College Prep

So finally, about 3 years after God placed this seed in my heart, I believe the Sisterhood Project will finally begin to have more of an impact this year. I am grateful for my ability to walk in faith and hold on to the idea for this long. I am grateful that God placed Jamie in my life, because we didn’t even know each other when I started this (and it takes a lot for me to consider someone a friend, so the growth of our friendship in such a short period has been such a blessing),

In the coming months, we will be launching local (DMV) Sisterhood Project events, as well as virtual opportunities. We will also be looking for input about nonprofit organizations that work with groups of young women who need our help.

To stay in the loop about the Sisterhood Project, click here to sign up. And to learn more about my SP partner, Jamie from JMS Coaching Services, visit her site here. 

Stay tuned for more details about the Sisterhood Project!