A couple of weeks ago, I found myself enjoying  a pretty good week… until Friday came along. Nothing happened that Friday. It was just a weird day. I could not focus on my work, and I found myself incredibly frustrated. Then a good friend called me and reminded me how important it was to be still. Such a simple reminder, but it was what I needed to hear. The craziness of my world was getting to me and I needed to be still.

I made some time for stillness later that day and it made such a difference. I knew it would. And it’s such a simple concept — one we should not need a reminder to follow, but the fact is we do. We need people in our world to remind us how important it is to be still. We are human. We forget.

And without those dear friends that remind us to maintain healthier habits, and ultimately live healthier lives, we can feel lost and out of place. Those friends sustain us. They serve as a voice of guidance when the noise of the world is so loud we cannot hear our own voice.

If you are having a rough day (or week or month or year), remember the value in silence and stillness. Take some time away from all of the noise in your life and give yourself a chance to be still. It will give you clarity and will hopefully shift things in a direction that will serve you well. I know for sure it has done that for me.