I don’t write about my hair often. Not because I don’t care about my hair, but because I try to keep things so low maintenance, I really don’t have that much to say.

That said, I still enjoy trying new hair products, in search of the perfect shampoo, conditioner, oil, cream, and anything else that will make my hair feel healthy. When I get something that my hair doesn’t love, I pass it one to a friend. If it doesn’t work for me, it may work for them. We all have different hair.

Recently, I received an awesome collection of haircare products from It’s Yours Hair Co. The timing could not have been better because my hair has been going through it. The end of 2014 was pretty stressful and making my hair a priority just didn’t happen. 

Well, with my new products from It’s Yours Hair Co., I decided it was time to give something new a try while giving my hair the tender loving care it deserves. First I tried the detangling shampoo. I had a lot of build up in my hair when I used it, so I definitely felt like it did a good job cleaning my hair and scalp. After that I used the Tea Tree Conditioner and I was in heaven. It was light weight, moisturizing, and left my hair feeling soft and healthy.

After my hair was washed and conditioned, I went on to use the Leave-in Conditioner and the Aloe Vera Curl Definer. Finally, I use the Twist and Curl Cream and began twisting my hair. The Twist & Curl Cream made my hair super ease to manage and twisting it was a breeze–which is saying a lot because I have a large head and some thick hair.

After my hair was twisted, I added the final touch–the Healthy Hair Oil. Two days later my twists came out and I was a happy camper. I added a bit more of the Twist & Curl Cream because I have dry hair, and I also added more of the Healthy Hair Oil. Finally, I gave my sexy, curly head a good shake. It was too cute. Soft, shiny, and healthy. I couldn’t ask for more. Check me out!

martine hair

My favorite products are definitely the Tea Tree Conditioner, the Twist & Curl Cream, and the Healthy Hair Oil. And did I mention how much I love the smell of the Healthy Hair Oil? That stuff is the TRUTH.

If you are looking to try something new and your hair needs some love like mine did, I would definitely recommend giving some of the products from It’s Yours Hair Co. a try.