I am almost certain I won’t post this immediately. I want to write it from an emotional place, but post it with a clear head. Because once I post it, I don’t intend to look back.

This is a decision I have been mulling over for the past year. I’ve struggled with whether or not I want to keep this blog. The idea of letting go has been so hard. Emotional, really. This blog is my baby. I was pregnant with my second child when I started it. She is now five.

But after a great deal of prayer and a lot of thought, I have decided that this is it. My time with CandidBelle has come to an end. It’s time to enter a new season.

Thank you for riding with me, rolling with me, and all of that good stuff. I appreciate it. Your support has allowed me to share and experience so much. I don’t take any of that for granted.

Walking away from something that matters is never an easy decision. And it’s not one I make lightly. I cried about this. Real tears. But when I look at where I am in my life and what God is asking me to do, continuing to create content for this blog just isn’t a part of the equation anymore. I can’t give this blog the attention it needs while also focusing on my other passions and my family.

It makes me sad, but it feels right. Life has proven to me that what feels good isn’t always right, and what’s right doesn’t always feel good.

I have learned to accept this truth.

And sadly, I’ve known for almost a year that it’s time to move on. I just couldn’t bring myself to let go. Walking away from something you love is scary–even when it’s time.

But there is nothing like having a third child and navigating a hectic year to help put things in perspective. I am in the midst of a serious internal shift. It’s a good thing. But still, change is never easy. Fear and doubt always seem to tag along, making us push against the change we need most. But I am ready. I have to be.

So, what’s next?

Well, you can still find me on martineforeman.com. Please pay me a visit if you’d like to work with me, see what I’m up to, or stay connected. I will continue to offer health coaching services, and I will be expanding that part of my business in the new year.

Writing remains my first love, so stay connected to find out when I finally publish that book. You will also find my work in other publications, so keep an eye out. I may randomly end up on your Facebook newsfeed or in one of your favorite magazines. 😉

And finally, I’ll still be working in higher education as an adjunct faculty member and a facilitator. I have a long relationship with higher ed, so I am thinking about how that relationship will evolve in 2018. Working with students is something I have cherished since I finished grad school 16 years ago, so I can’t wait to see what’s next.

And finally, I recently launched forbrooklyngirls.com, because my heart will always be in Brooklyn. I am excited to see where that leads.

So, despite how tough this decision was, I’m not crawling under some rock and giving up on my dreams (although, I considered that a few times this year). I am just doing what’s needed to enter a new season–fully prepared to receive the blessings God has in store for me.

I recently asked my 7-year-old son for advice with some of the entrepreneurial challenges I’ve been facing lately. I know that seems crazy, but he’s pretty deep for a 7-year-old. He told me I need to persevere. I don’t think I even knew what that meant when I was seven, so I decided to listen to what else he had to say. The kid dropped some serious knowledge. I took his second-grade advice, and that conversation gave me the courage to say goodbye to CandidBelle.

Now before I roll out, there are a few important things I want to share.

I can’t publish my final post without thanking a few people. I want to thank my family and friends for always being so loving and supportive and for letting me share parts of their lives with my readers. I also appreciate all the brands I have worked with during this journey and I’m grateful for their partnership.

I also have to thank my contributors. Honestly, I haven’t had many because I have trust issues, but that’s a long story 😂. Thank you to all who have contributed content to the blog. I appreciate you. And a very special thanks to Yolanda Jenkins. Her content has been consistent and straight from the heart, and I love and appreciate her for being a part of this. I’m so grateful she will continue to be a part of my world well beyond this blog.

And finally, I must thank you, my readers. You have been amazing. Thank you for growing with me and seeing me as I am. I will always cherish these five years I’ve shared with you.

The content on CandidBelle will stay up for the foreseeable future. I want you to have access to it in the hopes that it helps you on your journey in some way.

But THIS is it for me.


Life is hard. I know this for sure. It’s complicated and disappointing and unjust and just plain scary at times. But I also know that life is beautiful. If we can find a way to be still in this incredibly noisy world, we will be able to see the beauty in ourselves and in the world around us.

Part of my decision to dissolve CandidBelle comes from a strong desire to be still. A desire to connect more with God. To hear what HE wants me to do with my time and with my life. My decision is also firmly rooted in the realization that as a mother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend, I have to be especially careful about how I spend my days and where I spend my energy. Like I have shared time and time again, I am not trying to have it all.

I simply want to have what matters.

As I am sure is true for you, some decisions will always leave us wondering if we chose the right path. And sometimes we are so hard on ourselves, we can view walking away from something as “giving up.” But I am not giving up on CandidBelle or on blogging.

However, I am giving up on this idea that I have to keep doing something just because I started doing it. I don’t. I can change my mind. I can make another choice. We always have the power to choose. Always.

So, again, thank you for reading and for caring. Thank you for allowing me into your world and thank you so much for entering mine.

It’s been real. 🙂

Let’s stay connected…


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