It’s June, and instead of wondering where the time went, I am grateful that I made it to June. I am glad that we are almost 6 months in. I am relieved that summer is finally here.

I’ve had some rough years in life, so I won’t say this has been a bad year. Not at all. It has been a challenging year, though. I started the year off expecting quite a few things, and one month in I realized that I was human and my expectations were way off. I gladly adjusted. No guilt. No self-pity. I just put my big girl panties on and adjusted my expectations.

The result?

I am happy and sane. Sure, I am behind on a lot of things, but I’m okay with that. There are some things I don’t even have to catch up on anymore because I finally realized that those things are not what I should be doing with my time. I am so grateful that God gave me the good sense to show myself some grace because that gave me time to figure a few things out.

So as we approach the midway point of 2016, I thought I should share a little bit about what’s up with me and what’s next in my life. I hope that’s cool. Here goes.

Becoming a Certified Health Coach 

In about a month, I will be taking an exam to become a Certified Health Coach. The path leading to this was unexpected, but I kept quiet and just rolled with it. I am so glad I did. It feels right. So why a health coach instead of a life coach? The answer is simple, really. I am passionate about fitness and health, and I am also very passionate about helping people manage their mental health ( I am also getting my Mental Health First Aid certification at the end of this month). When I pulled these passions together, things started to go in the direction of health coaching.

Also, if I can be honest, my mom has a lot to do with this. I have watched my mom face countless problems with her mental and physical health. I know that many of these challenges could have been avoided if she was able to live her life differently. If she had someone there to help her make better choices, her path could have been healthier and more fulfilling. I watch her struggle daily and I know that life for her didn’t have to be this way. I know that so many women are in the same place she was 30 years ago, but don’t know where to start. I believe I can help those women live healthier lives and avoid the challenges my mom has faced.

As a health coach, I can help women make lasting changes that won’t just impact their mental and physical health, but will ultimately help them create happier lives. I find it hard to believe that anyone can be genuinely happy if their health is failing. To live our best lives, we have to live well. And although being a life coach would allow me to help women in so many ways, I needed something more specific. I needed a way to help women tackle one area of their lives, ultimately improving all areas of their lives. Pretty cool, right?

Soon I will be sharing information about how you can work with me as a client. I will also be creating more digital products that are in alignment with living well. I’m talking nutrition, fitness, healthy choices, self-care, stress management, and all that good stuff. And let me be clear: I am not the person to work with if your only goal is being thin. Sure, you will probably lose weight as a result of working with me, but I don’t focus on a number on the scale. My coaching style has to do with helping you get your life right by making healthier choices. I want you to feel good in your own skin. I want you to sleep well at night. I want you to make self-care a priority. I want you to live well.

I can’t wait to share more!

My New Site  

Soon, I will be launching my new site, I realized that I was doing too much with CandidBelle. If you felt the same, I am sorry I put you through that. It was a process I needed to go through. I may have lost some readers along the way, but those that needed to stay with me are still here. I thank you for that.

My new site is where you will find information about my speaking (I am working with a coach I love and will be focusing on speaking a lot in the coming year), products, coaching services, writing services, and my book (which will be published in 2017). This site is basically where people can access all of the information that was starting to make Candidbelle feel cluttered.

Now CandidBelle can breathe a little and people will know where to go to get what they need. 😉

What’s Next for CandidBelle 

CandidBelle will continue to be a space where I share content about parenting, relationships, living well, and other lifestyle issues. That won’t change at all. I am just removing things from the site that need their own space to thrive. CandidBelle was starting to feel like a cramped closet and I had to get some more closet space so everything could feel free to just be.

The reason I started Candidbelle hasn’t changed. I wanted this to be a space where women could gain access to tips and resources that can help them enhance the quality of their lives. I also wanted it to be a space where I can share whatever I want about my personal life because it may inspire or motivate someone else. I still strive to make this blog that kind of space. So although I am moving in other directions with my business, this blog isn’t going anywhere. It’s not time for it to go anywhere.

What’s Going on in My Personal Life 

Sometimes people ask about my mom since I mention her in many of my posts. Thanks for asking. She is hanging in there. She has good days and bad days and still visits the hospital a lot more than anyone wants too, but she is one tough cookie. I admire that about her. She’s a fighter. Keep her in your prayers, please.

As for my husband and kids, they are everything. There are days where I don’t think I would do a single thing if it wasn’t for their love and support. Hubby is now an official volunteer EMT and firefighter. We are so proud of him. This guy finds a way to make me love him more with each year. Now I didn’t sign up for this firefighter stuff (I married a corporate guy) so it does make me a little nervous. That said, I am still so proud. I am always rooting for anyone who has the courage to pursue what God placed in his or her heart.

And finally, I need to share something. So I have two kids and they are incredible, but I am struggling with whether or not I should have a third. Crazy, right? Some days I feel like I am DONE. These two kids drive me nuts. But then I have days where I feel like someone is missing. I’m not sure if that feeling is something that lingers from a miscarriage I had in 2011, or if it’s God telling me that we should have another kid. *SIGH*

I’ll keep you all posted as I pray on this and figure out what’s right for our family. This is a tough one (I think I need a blog post just about this). Stay tuned.

A Special Thank You to My Audience 

And before I go, I have to say THANK YOU to every single person reading this post. Whether you’ve been rocking with me for years, or you just found the blog yesterday, THANK YOU. We live in a world that is saturated with content, so I am beyond grateful that anyone would take the time to read what I have to say.

To be honest, this road has been a bumpy one. I’ve evolved a lot. The blog has changed in many ways. Those of you who have been here since day one have literally watched me figure things out. That’s been so scary for me. It’s one thing to figure things out on your own, but when you do it out loud–man, the fear of judgment is real.

Thanks for not judging me. Thanks for understanding that although this is a blog, it’s a reflection of my life in some ways. Of course, posts about giveaways or products I love are really about helping you improve your lifestyle in some small way, but the stuff about my life–the stories I share from my heart–well, that stuff is about helping you deal with your own stuff. After all, we all have stuff.

So thank you. Thank your for reading and following and sharing. Your support means the world.