On the surface I don’t seem to be a very emotional person. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, a place known for producing people with tough skin. I know that a lot of who I am comes from growing up there.

But ask anyone that knows me well, and they will reveal how sensitive I really am. I can be a sap.

I cry when I need to because I think keeping emotions bottled up is very unhealthy.

I share my deepest fears with loved ones (and many times with all of you) because ignoring my fears won’t make them go away.

And my heart aches when people suffer, because at my core I truly want everyone to find joy. I believe it’s what God wants fr us all.

Because of my sensitive nature, I get a little emotional when I think about CandidBelle and what all of you–members of this community–mean to me.

Some of you are personal friends, some of you I have had the pleasure of meeting in person once or twice, and most of you are women I do not know personally. Regardless of how well we know each other, you have all touched my life in a powerful way.

This blog, which has turned into a business, has evolved so much over the years. It’s taken a lot of time for me to determine the best direction for CandidBelle and for my life. It’s be hard at times. I’ve considered giving up. I’ve wondered if my current path is the right one.

I’ve had moments of utter confusion and disappointment — moments that try to break your spirit and your drive. But I’ve also had moments of immense joy, often brought on by an email or comment from one of you. This community has changed me.

Times when I have considered giving up, my thoughts often turn to you. I think about how you trust me with your email addresses. I think about how you take time out of your busy lives to read my blog posts and emails. I think about how you’ve supported me (and invested in yourself) by purchasing my workbook. I think about how much some of you have confided in me through messages sent in personal emails.

How can I possibly give up on this? How can I not ride it out until God tells me no more. How can I not continue to evolve and grow in an effort to give more of myself and help more women.

Sure, on my best days I feel like this blog adds value to the lives of many women. On my best days I am so clear about that.

But on my worst days though, I feel disappointed. I feel like I should be doing more, saying more, and offering more. I question if my words really matter as much as  want them to.

Your love and support has turned my worst days into better days. Because of your presence in my life, I have conquered fears, made tough decisions, touched lives. and moved closer and closer to creating a life I love.


I think a life of regret is tragic. Having the courage to build and grow CandidBelle has allowed me to walk through life without regrets. Pursuing my dreams and developing innovative ways to serve my audience is what drives me.

So thank you for showing me love and support. Thank you letting me into your world. Thank you for giving me a chance to help you.

I’m thrilled to see what the future brings. I cannot wait to continue this journey with you.