BouqHave you ever ordered flowers for someone, believing they were on sale for $39.95, but after paying for delivery and some other nonsense the cost was over $60? I’ve definitely been there. It’s not cool.

When I first learned about The Bouqs, I thought I was missing something because it sounded too good to be true. After some research, though, it turns out that it’s legit, and I am in love.

A bouquet of flowers from The Bouqs is just $40, and shipping is included. The flowers are cut on the day that you order them, from sustainable, eco-friendly farms located on the side of an active volcano right on the equator (I swear I am not making this up).

You can order flowers by sentiment, color or type of flower. You can even sign up for a subscription if you’d like. With six to choose from, all subscriptions are 10% off (we all love discounts), and you can decide the frequency of the deliveries. Don’t worry – they even send you an email reminder before a delivery goes out in case you need to change anything.

I really think the folks at The Bouqs are on to something great. I am about to order some flowers for myself (and my mom, too). I hope you do the same. You deserve it.