By Olivia Jones


A home should be synonymous with “shelter”. After a hard day at work, you should be able to return to your own private paradise where you can feel happy and calm. Living in what you personally deem perfect location and ideal housing – be it a house or an apartment – is not enough to achieve this. Most people have to rely on aspects of interior design to create a picture-perfect Zen in their home. If you want to learn how it’s done, here’s how to unlock calm in your home.

Keep it clean

Here is a cliché for you – if you want to create a calm and peaceful environment in your home, keep it as clean as possible. Most people think “clean” means “antiseptic”, and while it is true that keeping your house hygienic and filled with refreshing scents is important, it also needs to be clutter-free.

As you “nest” into your home and spend years settling in and modifying, adding new stuff into your household is inescapable. You have to be careful not to turn it into hoarder’s heaven – each cluttered corner will only make you feel nervous and anxious. So, try to embrace minimalism and simplicity instead, as they are the key to creating a soothing interior.

True colors


If you want to achieve a full-on calming effect in your home, rely on neutral colors and pastel nuances. The best course of action would be to repaint your walls with warmer variants of such colors and use the colder shades for the bathroom.

Generally, if you want to achieve the “antiseptics” effect in a particular room, these colder nuances of blue and gray are a good choice, but you should definitely keep warm and earthy colors for your kitchen.

Wood is your friend

Using wooden furniture both for your kitchen and your living room, you can achieve the natural warm-colored effect with its earthy colors. However, since buying off-the-factory-line furniture is not particularly eco-friendly or responsible, you can refurbish certain aspects of your home with reclaimed materials.

Let the wooden textures pop and stick to the furniture that has organic, curvaceous outlines. It will definitely create a calming atmosphere to your home, and you will be able to sleep peacefully.

Keep the air quality in check


 Air is the important aspect to think about when you want to instill tranquility in your home. You need to make sure you can enable a flow of fresh air through every corner of your home with a flick of your finger. It means having windows in perfect conditions in every corner of the house and blinds which are easy to maneuver.Most households these days have an AC unit built into their house, so you need to keep it as clean as possible. This cannot be understated; you do not want the smell of stuffy air filling your home, not to mention the legion of bacteria and fungi riding on dangerous dirt particles. Furthermore, you can purchase a high-quality HEPA air purifier as a definitive ally in keeping your household air clean.

Fill it with greenery

tranquility-homeFurthermore, you should not underestimate the importance of greenery – if you choose the right plants, they can further improve the air quality in your home and make it more appealing. They can re-oxygenate the stale indoor air and even eliminate some gasses that are detrimental to your health.

Plants come, as all living creatures do, with their own mini-auras that can contribute to the calming quality of your residential spaces. These plants are not only beautiful, but they can also blend into your space as part of your home decor and help tie your space together by filling up empty corners and nasty gaps.

Dedicate a single room for multimedia entertainment

Electronic devices and flashing screens do not mesh well with a calming outline of the room. They are also sources of distractions and they add to our nervousness if we do not rest from all the shows and news for at least an hour every day. The screens also have a negative impact on our sleeping patterns if we do not give it a rest before sleep. Additionally, computers and TV screens are aesthetically jarring additions to any room, so try to dedicate a single room for all your multimedia entertainment.

People are becoming increasingly interested in DIY interior design and the philosophy of Feng Shui for a good reason – we live in stressful times which are turning the search for tranquility into an increasingly difficult task. We all deserve a moment of respite every day, without counting the sleeping hours, of course. In order to achieve this moment of relaxation, you need to turn your home into a place synonymous with comfort and peace. Surprisingly, it does not take too much effort to achieve this.


Olivia is psychologist and entrepreneur from Brisbane. Mother of two beautiful children and proud owner of two silly boxer dogs. She is a passionate writer, a traveler, and conscious consumer, seeking healthy and sustainable products to incorporate into the lives of her family. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world.” 
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