I love new beginnings. The start of a new season always makes me feel like something exciting is on the horizon. And, of course, one of the best examples of a new beginning is the start of a new year. It always leaves me bursting with enthusiasm about what lies ahead.

Yea, fresh starts inspire me. I think it’s fair to say that a fresh start inspires us all.

But why?

In part it’s because fresh starts always feel like a second chance. It’s an opportunity to do something new or get something right that we maybe got wrong once before. After all, nothing beats an opportunity to get things right.

And although I think new beginnings are awesome, I also think endings are pretty cool. Ending strong is even cooler. You don’t need a strong start to have a strong finish. It’s really about shifting your mindset and learning from the experiences you’ve had–good or bad. It’s about what you choose.

The start of 2015 was challenging for me. I pushed through and made it to the light, but the struggle was real. And now I am on a mission to #FinishStrongIn15. I am determined to reach all the goals I’ve set for the end of this year.

Why am I so determined to finish strong?

I think waiting is crazy. Why would I wait over three months to make things happen when I could make them happen TODAY, Waiting almost seems insane. I know, I know, the hype of a new year feels good. When that clock strikes midnight we just want to do better. The freshness of January 1st inspires us.

But guess what?

September 16th can be just as inspiring. It’s all a matter of how we see things. It’s all about changing your mindset.

So what are your plans? What do you want to do in these last 15 weeks of 2015? That’s not a rhetorical question. I actually want you to think and make a list of what you plan to do next. Need some help?

Click here for a worksheet that can help. Don’t think of it as homework but rather, LIFEWORK. I like the sound of that a lot better.

Before you get to the business of completing this worksheet, ask yourself these tough questions (here’s another worksheet to help you answer these questions):

  • What are two immediate goals I want accomplish?
  • What can I do TODAY to start bringing these goals to life?
  • Who can provide me with support while I work towards making these goals a reality?
  • How will my life look once these goals are achieved?
  • Why do I need to accomplish these goals immediately?

Now that you’ve given things some serious thought, complete this goal setting worksheet for each of the aforementioned goals. Unlike homework, you will LOVE lifework, because it’s really about getting things right in your life.

I don’t want you to think I’m here pushing you to be your best when I’m not doing the same, so below I will share 5 (yes, 5) goals that I plan to accomplish before the year is out. Staying focused and taking action to make these goals come to life is important to me because I know without a doubt that finishing strong does something amazing to your psyche.

#FinishStrongIn15 Goals 

  • Prepare for the launch of a new brand and website in 2016 (I can’t share the deets yet) 🙂 
  • Complete and package my new eCourse 
  • Complete and offer a new FREE guide to the CandidBelle Community 
  • Complete a 5k 
  • Book my first 2016 speaking engagement 

That felt good. Sharing my goals with all of you makes me feel like I have a tribe to hold me accountable. No pressure — just straight up love and support. The power of sisterhood is a beautiful thing.

Knowing what I am capable of, even after experiencing a weak start, gives me confidence, puts things in perspective, and reminds me why taking steps daily — no matter how small those steps are — really, really matters.

I will keep you posted on my progress with these 5 goals, and I want you to keep me posted on how things are coming along with your goals. Tweet me with the hashtag #FinishStrongIn15 and let me know what you’re doing to finish strong.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about 2016. We have a lot to do so we can plan for an epic year ,and I definitely plan to help you along the way. But before we start that process, let’s give 2015 it’s due respect and make this year count.