CelebrateMomsWe are all familiar with the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Holding much truth, this saying reminds us all that happy, well-adjusted kids don’t just happen. Children are influenced, not just by the families they live with, but by a larger “family” that helps them get the most out of life. For some kids, their village is in tact from the moment they are born, but for so many kids it is not so simple.

Some children face adversity at a very young age and they need help building their “village.” They need people to step in to create an environment that will allow them to thrive–ultimately becoming the best person they can be. They need hope. SOS Children’s Villages gives children just that.

Helping to create stable and loving families for children who are orphaned or have been abandoned, SOS Children’s Villages is changing the lives of young people across the world. The impact of what this organization does is being felt in over 500 villages in 133 countries worldwide, helping to raise over 80,000 children.

You have to be interested in learning more about any organization that gives children in need a family, a home, an education and healthcare. This organization gives these kids a chance at having a good, hopefully great, life.

To learn more about SOS Children’s Villages and how you can help, click here. You can also learn more about their “Celebrate Moms, Empower Women” campaign by clicking here. This month is the perfect month to support this cause. You can access free family crafts that celebrate motherhood and you can even take a moment to send an e-card to your mom or any mom that you admire when you visit the site. Without great moms, I can’t even begin to imagine what our world would look like. Can you?