home for the holidaysAs a child I can recall bursting with excitement about the holiday season. We didn’t have much–just enough to get by–but my mother made sure that the holidays were special. Thanksgiving was always a time of good food and good company. As I type this I can taste the flavors from my mother’s stuffing and baked macaroni. It makes me smile.

Christmas was even more special. Decorating the tree was one of my favorite things to do, and I always enjoyed wrapping presents, no matter how small they were, to surprise my family members. And on Christmas Eve we would bake cookies, laugh our hearts out, and patiently wait until midnight. That’s right–my family opened gifts at midnight. It was our tradition. Honestly, I thought it was weird when people on television would open gifts in the morning. I mean, why would you wake up early on Christmas Day when you could stay up late the night before?

Now that I am an adult with my own family, I still cherish all of those times I spent home for the holidays. Although the traditions I practice with my children may be different, the root of those traditions are heavily connected to the importance my own mother placed on the holidays when I was a child. She taught me that no matter where life takes me, and whether she is with me or not, my heart will always give me the ability to be home for the holidays.

africanpride_logo (1)As we approach the holiday season, we have to take the time to reflect on what being home for the holidays means to us. That’s why I am so glad African Pride decided to launch a campaign that focuses on something so meaningful. The holidays can become so commercialized, so how wonderful is it for a brand to take the time and remind us that this time of the year is really about finding our way home.

Enter below for your chance to win $2500 that you can spend with your family this holiday season. And remember, you can purchase African Pride products at Sally Beauty Supply. Read on for the deets and good luck!

The holiday season is near and African Pride recognizes how important family is during this time of the year. This is why African Pride is hosting their “Home for the Holidays” contest for a chance to win a grand prize of $2,500 just in time for the holidays. Between 10/24/2014 – 11/29/2014, contestants will upload their favorite family holiday photo and share in a few words (short essay) what “Home for the Holidays” means to them.  Entries will be judged both on the photo and the essay and winners will be chosen by a Strength of Nature panel of judges on 11/30/2014 . The Grand Prize winner will receive $2500 cash to use to be with their family this holiday or any other way they choose. Four top prize winners will receive $250 Visa Gift Cards and 3 additional winners will be chosen each week to receive $100 in African Pride products. Click here to enter! 

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African Pride

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions about African Pride and their “Home for the Holidays” campaign are my own.