I receive this collection of gifts from Hallmark for this review and giveaway. Of course, all opinions shared are my own. #LoveHallmark 

One thing I have been immensely grateful for throughout the course of my life is the ability to form and sustain incredible friendships. It’s something I never take for granted because I know what a difference a great friend can make in your life. When you have the right people in your tribe, life is so much sweeter.

Life is full of ups and downs, and my fabulous friends are the ones who stand by my side through it all. They celebrate my victories. They talk me off the ledge when I want to flip out. They offer support and encouragement when I need it most. And they love me without condition. It’s pretty incredible stuff.

So when my friends at Hallmark sent me these beautiful gifts, I was eager to share how each gift reminds me of a fabulous girlfriend in my life. Check out why I love each gift and why that gift is perfect for one of my amazing friends.

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end for your chance to win this entire collection from Hallmark.

Pretty Witty Never Quit Journal

I think we live in a world where people give up on things with too much ease. But I also think there is a time to just quit and walk away. That’s why I love this Pretty Witty Journal, reminding us to never quit… unless we hate it. Talk about some serious truth. This journal makes me think of my dear friend, Jamie. Jamie is all about being authentic in everything she does. Smart, funny, compassionate and caring, she is definitely no quitter. But this lady also knows that holding on to something that doesn’t serve you well won’t lead to happiness, so sometimes is it okay to let go and walk away. It is okay to quit. I love her for reminding me to push through so I can reach my goals, while having the courage to walk away when it’s time.


Pretty Witty Happy Large Pillow

This oversized pillow is sure to put a smile on any friend’s face. When I look at it I think of my dear friend, Stanyell. I’ve know Stanyell for about 12 years and in that time we’ve shared so much. She’s been there for me through thick and thin, offering a shoulder to lean on when life gives me too much to handle, and giving me a heartfelt round of applause when I reach a goal. This pillow maks me think of her because I think of her as a “happy place.” With adorable pom-poms and embroidered with the words “Let’s get happy up in here,” it reminds me that having a friend who makes us happy is a blessing beyond measure.


Pretty Witty Keep Friends Close Framed Art

So to be honest, every single gift here reminds me of my best friend, Kathy. Friends since we started fifth grade, this woman “gets” me in a way that few people do. She is my forever friend–my sister. But I chose this gift for her because she understands and appreciates a good glass of wine better than most people I know. With the phrase “keep your friends close and your wine closer,” this piece of framed art is something fun and spunk that I can see on Kathy’s desk. And as much as she enjoys a good glass of wine, I actually know that she would always keep me closer–not the wine.


Crafters & Co. Liquid Soap

This orange-amber hand soap doesn’t just smell good, it actually awakens your senses and makes you feel good. I would have to give this to my cousin/sister/friend, Jennifer. Jennifer loves great bath and body products and never fails to smell wonderful. She’s also someone I spend time with when I just need a good laugh to cleanse my spirit. She loves me, she understands me, she puts up with me, and she cracks me up. I love her for all of it. This hand soap is made with essential oils and is available in 8 amazing scents, so you are sure to find the perfect bottle for yourself or a good friend.


Signature Greetings Pineapple Card

I LOVE cards, and this particular card has stolen my heart. This embellished pineapple card is blank on the inside, allowing you to share it with family and friends to express whatever is in your heart. I think of my good friend, Lindsay, when I look at this card. Lindsay is the type of friend you want to talk to on your crappiest day as well as your best day. She helps me put things in perspective without feeding me a load of crap and she’s always happy to see me shine. She also loves a great card and I know she is someone that will appreciate the beauty of this card as much as I do.


Life is busy and crazy but it’s also so wonderful when we are surrounded by fabulous friends. In all of life’s craziness, I hope we can each take a moment to send a small token to a friend we love. Of course, your friends will love you whether you do it or not, but if you do it, that expression of love can light up your friend’s day. Nothing beats that.

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