I received a pack of barrettes from GaBBY Bows to review for this post. Of course, all opinions shared are my own.

I have a confession. There are probably missing barrettes all over my house and my car. I hate looking for those little things. They make my daughter happy and they enhance her hair styles, but losing them left and right is costly and frustrating.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered GaBBY Bows, invented by 9-year old Gabby Goodwin and her mother, Rozalynn. GaBBY Bows is the first Double-Faced, Double-Snap Barrette that stays in place and makes life a lot easier for frustrated moms like me.

And not only are GaBBy Bows functional, but they are cute too. That’s a must because if it’s not cute, my little girl is not interested.

Gabby Bows

Photo Credit: GaBBY Bows

Available is a number of colors and designs, GaBBY Bows is perfect for solving the “missing barrettes” problem that so many of us face. I also love them because I am able to create a super simple style for my daughter (I am no expert when it comes to braiding), while adding a unique touch that makes her feel really cute.


My daughter’s super simple style with her cute GaBBY Bows.

Gabby Bows

When I snap it into place, it stays put!



My little girl being silly with her new GaBBY Bows

So what do I love about GaBBY Bows the most? Here are a few things: 

They save money.

Instead of wasting money buying barrettes that you constantly have to replace, you can now buy GaBBY Bows and watch them stick around for a really long time.

They are easy to use.

I hate it when something claims to make life easier but it winds up being difficult to use. As my kids would say, using GaBBY Bows is easy peasy lemon squeezy (where do they get this stuff…LOL).

They are super cute.

GaBBY Bows are adorable. My daughter really likes the barrettes and so do I. I can’t ask for more than that.

They are super functional.

They serve the purpose and truly meet a need. A simple design that makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of it years ago.

They save time.

Like I said earlier, I am not an expert when it comes to hairstyles. I keep things simple, and GaBBY Bows lets me do that without compromising how much my daughter likes her hair.

They make my life easier.

Anything that spares me from searching for stuff is a winner in my book.

They make my little girl happy.

My girl loves them so much she tries to share them with her dolls so they can have GaBBY Bows, too. Anything that makes her that happy, makes my heart smile.

I gotta support such an innovative, young entrepreneur

The more I learn about Gabby Goodwin’s story, the more I realize how amazing our young people can be with the right amount of love, support, and encouragement. Gabby and her mom inspire me, and I know little girls all over the world are inspired by what Gabby has done. I never miss out on an opportunity to watch a brilliant young person shine. You shouldn’t either.

Want your own GaBBy Bows? Of course you do!

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