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My parents grew up in poverty on the island of Haiti. I’ve never seen the one-room house where my mom grew up, but her stories have painted a vivid picture of what life was like for her family. It was not easy.

Despite the adversity they faced, both of my parents made their way to the United States, where my brother and I were born. Because of my mom’s hard work and many sacrifices, we were able to obtain the education she never received. We’ve been given a chance to build wealth in a way she never had access to. It’s not something I take lightly.

Knowing what her and my ancestors sacrificed so I can be where I am today is what drives me to work hard so my husband and I can leave a legacy of wealth for our children and future generations.

I’m not proud to admit that getting to this place has not been easy for me. I’ve made some pretty big mistakes along the way, and there is still a lot I am learning about building wealth. But I am confident my mistakes, coupled with my strong desire to grow, will afford me the opportunity to create wealth in a way my mother never had the opportunity to.

I think people are intimidated by the word wealth. It often sounds like something you dream about but will likely never achieve. I want us all to starting thinking about wealth in a different way. I want us all to realize that no matter who you are, building wealth is possible. It’s not easy by any means, but it certainly is possible.

If building wealth is a goal you have, but knowing where to start gives you anxiety, you have to watch Generation One: The Search for Black Wealth, a film create by my friends Lamar and Ronnie Tyler. After watching the trailer, you will understand what I mean. There isn’t a single doubt in my mind that this film can (and will) change lives for generations to come. I’d love to see that change happen in your family, too.

If you are lying to yourself about your finances, you are NOT the only person being hurt. You are hurting your family for generations to come. Be honest with yourself: Have you created at least three generations of wealth? If your answer is no, keep reading.

Here are 5 lessons I’ve learned about building generational wealth—the kind of wealth my family will benefit from long after I am gone. What I love about these lessons is how simple they are. You certainly don’t need to be the smartest kid in the room to understand what it takes to build wealth, but you definitely have to pay attention.

Stop just working harder. Work smarter.

I am no stranger to working hard. I’ve been working for an income since I was 12. I started off with babysitting, and I got my first job outside of the home when I was 16. Here is the thing, though: I grew up with a firm understanding of what it meant to work hard, pay your bills on time, and never borrow money from people, but I didn’t really understand what it meant to work smart. Until recently, I didn’t grasp the importance of making your money work for you. Also, in recent years, I finally started to think about how to make my talent work for me in ways I never considered, all in an effort to build wealth.

Begin to understand what scares you.

For many of you, stocks, bonds, and other types of investments can be overwhelming. They are for me. And what do folks do when they are overwhelmed? They look the other way and act like it doesn’t matter. You know it matters, though. Shoot, we all know it matters. Stop running from what you don’t understand. Ignorance is not bliss, and the more we know about investing our money wisely, the better off we’ll be.

Change your mindset.

Many of us have inherited our perspectives about money and wealth from our families. That’s understandable, but it isn’t an excuse for moving through life with the same bad habits your family practiced. When people know better, they should do better. Stop blaming your family or your past for bad habits. Stop looking at what everyone has or what everyone else is doing. Shift your mindset, focus on your situation, focus on your goals, and do what is best for YOUR family.

Your “good” credit score just isn’t enough.

It seems like everyone wants a great credit score, right? But is that really the goal; a score that proves how good we are at borrowing money and paying it back? Doesn’t it feel wrong? Shouldn’t there be more? Being responsible is very different than building wealth. For years I thought I was on the right track because I am responsible, but I was honestly way off track because I should have been focusing on building wealth instead of my credit score.

What your great-grandchildren will say about you matters.

We tend to think about our immediate situation and although that is important, you have to think ahead—way ahead. How will your grandchildren and great-grandchildren benefit from what you are doing today? What impact will it have on their quality of life? What will they be told about the way you lived your life? Think about these things. It will guide your decisions.

Although I’ve learned these lessons, I still have a lot more to learn and I know that Generation One offers insight that we all need in our lives.

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