It’s been over a month since my last update. This update is a week late. Everything in my life is about a week late right now. Okay, not everything, but still, I am struggling a bit. It happens. I am human. Generally speaking I am happy and optimistic, but on occasion, it just doesn’t work out like that for me. Like I said, I am human.

This post won’t be long, but I felt the need to write it. I am not sure how many of you care but when I promise to keep you posted on my progress, I try my best to keep that promise–even if I am late with it. So this is my attempt to keep my promise.

November was not a good month when it comes to making progress with my wellness goals.  I could offer 101 reasons why that’s true, but I won’t. My reasons would really just be excuses, and I have no interest in boring you with my excuses. I dropped the ball. It’s really that simple. But dropping the ball has really forced me to think about a lot of things. It’s forced me to look at my life, my emotional state, my level of joy, and my plans for the future. When I feel like I’ve effed up, it has this amazing way of making me think about what the heck I’m doing and WHY.

Figuring out that why is so freakin’ important, because when you are so stuck that you can’t figure out the why, you never reach the place you want to reach. We have to know why. Well at least I do. Once i figure that out and become clear about my motives, I gain clarity. Figuring out why allows me to honestly figure out what’s next.

My health has been off track for a bit and the tail end of November was spent trying to figure out why?

I think I finally figured it out. I won’t share the details yet. I am stilling figuring out a few more things, and I want the details to feel whole. I don’t want to share part of my truth because I know so many women struggle when it comes to health and wellness. I want to share my whole truth with you. I want to share it in a way that can help you figure out your why.

So this month there are no exciting up dates. No weight loss. No new classes. No real fitness successes. I don’t have any of that of that to offer. This month is just about me telling you that I am figuring out my why. It’s a serious process that I don’t take lightly because doing it well will allow me to help more women who are traveling a similar path.

So the rest of this month won’t share any additional fitness updates. I will come back in January (or February) with something meaningful to share. Until then, be great to yourself. You deserve. I’m sure of that because I know I deserve it, too.