I started running about 6 weeks ago. The first three weeks were a joke because there was nothing consistent about my “training.” In these last three weeks, I have become a lot more serious about things and I am slowly seeing results.  I have to admit that I am still nervous.  Sure, I completed a marathon, but that was in 2006 — 8 years and 40 pounds ago. Now I have some extra weight, older knees and two little ones that keep me on the move.  Trying to incorporate a decent training program into my life is no joke. It is hard as hell.


I’ve had moments where giving up felt like a pretty good option.  But I can’t. You see, I went and told my soon to be 4-year-old all about the race. Yep, I told him.  So now, this kid is going to ask me about this race all the time.  Talk about #EpicFail as a mom if I just give up.  He is actually looking forward to mommy being in this race.  In his words, “mommy needs to win just like Lightning McQueen!”  No pressure, though.  Gotta love kids.

Despite my fear and occasional desire to give up, I have to admit that I am glad I told him.  There really is something special about my first born holding me accountable and encouraging me to follow through on my commitment. He is my rock.

Aside from the many challenges that come with running (especially if you don’t train properly), my biggest problem is my addiction to sugar.  I’m pretty proud of myself for giving up meat in December, but that doesn’t matter a whole lot if I’ve replaced it with sugar.  Sugar is my drug of choice.  It helps me cope. I need help. But I have been eating some good-looking, healthy food lately and my eating is slowly improving.  Check out this breakfast hubby made for me a few weeks ago (it’s a veggie sausage patty).


Yesterday, I ate a very healthy diet (and an ice cream sandwich… don’t judge me).  I ran 2 miles even though I just wanted to lay on my couch and drink wine.  And I drank lots of water and some Gatorade.  It was a good day. Today was a cross training day and I tried a class at Gold’s Gym called BODYCOMBAT (I am in pain as I type this). That class was off the hook.  I will be back next week!

You are probably wondering how I can find time to go to the gym with two small kids, no family members to leave them with, 3 jobs, and a husband that works late.  Well, I decided it was time to put my health first so I finally found a babysitter that I trust and she comes over twice a week just so I can hit the gym and cross train.  Worth every penny.


I’ll keep you posted on my training and weight loss.  As my body changes, I know my life will to.  I feel it already.  Here goes.