My birthday is on Friday. I’ll be 37. I’m thrilled. I really do feel like I’m getting better with time.

I have to admit that the years really are flying by. I feel like I started college just yesterday and it’s been almost 20 years since I graduated from high school. Dag!

So what am I doing to celebrate? No party. I haven’t had a birthday party since I was a kid. I like parties, but I also like watching a good movie on my couch with some popcorn and some hot chocolate. One doesn’t seem more fun than the other in my world. Weird? Maybe. But that’s who I am.

I plan on praying, working out, going to my son’s school to support him at his school fundraiser, getting some work done, and spending some quality time with my mom, husband, and kids as my day comes to an end. Dinner? Probably pizza and a really tasty salad. Cake? Of course. I must have cake.

The next day I plan to continue the birthday festivities by going on a date with my husband. We don’t get to enjoy date nights as much as we should, so my birthday feels like the perfect opportunity to go somewhere nice and have some fun.

Now what do I plan to do in these 12 months between 37 an 38. Do you mind if I actually share my plans with you? I hope not because I am about to put it all out there. I plan to make this next year of life an epic one. That doesn’t mean I’ll have 12 perfect months. It means I plan to make the most out of those 12 months.

psalm 20-4

So here are my major goals for this next year of my life. They aren’t listed in order of importance, but I plan to get every single one DONE. 

  • Launch my new brand (details to come soon)
  • Finish my book (yay!)
  • Reach my fitness/weight loss goal… finally
  • Improve my organizational skills
  • Launch my new eCourse
  • Launch the Sisterhood Project with my partner Jamie
  • Visit my best friend in NY
  • Become an official member of the church I attend
  • Start fitness/wellness site
  • Be more present with my husband and kids (getting better every day)
  • Finish decorating my family room (we moved in over 3 years ago…smh)
  • Strengthen my relationship with my mom
  • Run a few 5k races (at least 4).. and increase my pace

Whew! I’m tired just from typing that. A lot? Yes. Hard? Yes. Doable? Hell, yea! I plan to make these things happen even though it may seem like a lot.

Recently my mom told me, “God wouldn’t place it in your hear if He didn’t think you could do it.” I love her so much for telling me that because it really is guiding my passion and drive to make things happen.

Well, let me sign off so I can think about what kind of cake I want. 🙂