Author: Martine Foreman

Putting Myself First and Getting RADICAL With My Health

I spent most of my life overweight.  When I was a senior in college I was compelled to finally change my life and take the weight off.  What compelled me?  My uncle’s death from an unexpected stroke, and my grandmother passing away just a few months later from heart disease (after suffering a stroke 4 years prior to her death).  I was basically scared straight, and I decided that my life wasn’t worth a brownie sundae. I kept most of the weight off for over a decade, but after having my first child the weight came back and it...

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Feeling a Little Red Today?

Today, February 7th, is National Wear Red Day, a chance for you to show your support for raising awareness and fighting against heart disease in women by whipping out something red and looking fab. Heart Disease is the number 1 killer of women in the United States.  This statistic has personally touched my life because my grandmother died of heart disease and my mother suffered a stroke just four short months ago.  Heart disease is real, and doing nothing about it is a horrible idea. I love the Go Red campaign because they are spreading the word about heart...

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Change My Body, Change My Life

I started running about 6 weeks ago. The first three weeks were a joke because there was nothing consistent about my “training.” In these last three weeks, I have become a lot more serious about things and I am slowly seeing results.  I have to admit that I am still nervous.  Sure, I completed a marathon, but that was in 2006 — 8 years and 40 pounds ago. Now I have some extra weight, older knees and two little ones that keep me on the move.  Trying to incorporate a decent training program into my life is no joke....

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Is Your Marriage Suffering Because You Won’t Let Go?

Marriage is absolutely wonderful.  It’s also incredibly hard.  No matter how much you love your spouse, there will be rough patches—moments that you struggle to survive.  It’s inevitable.  Any couple that tells you things are always rosy either hasn’t been married very long, or they are lying. When you face challenges in your marriage, there should always be an attempt, by both parties, to make things right.  Maybe you need counseling, or maybe you just need some time, but giving up when things get hard shouldn’t be your impulse.  Efforts to restore things have to be made before you...

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Humble & Hungry

Today was a regular day, but it was also a pretty exciting one.  Today, I made my debut on Disney Baby as one of their new bloggers.  I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am about this opportunity. I love Disney and I live in a house with two kids who love Disney too (actually three if you count my husband). What made today amazing, though, wasn’t just seeing my first post on Disney Baby.  What made the day amazing was the outpour of love, support and encouragement I got from tons of friends on Facebook...

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Meet Martine

Born-n-raised in Brooklyn, New York, I now live in the suburbs of Maryland with my amazing husband and three hilarious kids. Thanks for visiting. Kick it for a bit and I'm sure you will find something to help you improve the relationships that matter to you most and live a healthier, happier life. Read more...

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