Author: Martine Foreman

5 Conversations You Can’t Avoid If You Want A Happy Marriage

In order for your marriage to stand the test of time, you have to be able to communicate your needs, frustrations, desires, and so much more. Without communication, your marriage inevitably suffers. But what some people fail to realize is that it’s not just a matter of communicating. Even if you talk to your spouse daily about 101 things, your marriage is still in trouble if you both avoid talking about the really important stuff, the stuff that makes most folks uncomfortable. Now, I’m not suggesting you talk to your spouse about the tough stuff daily. That’s just exhausting....

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Sears Deals That Will Make Your Life Happier + $250 Giveaway

  In this sponsored post, I share my experience shopping at Sears for their extended July 4th sale. I grew up in a Brooklyn, New York in a neighborhood called Flatbush. Humble beginnings for sure, but I am so proud. I have so many wonderful childhood memories from my old neighborhood. One of those memories is walking to Sears with my mom to go shopping. Whether she needed something for our home or she wanted to buy toys or clothes for us (especially around special occasions), Sears was her go-to department store. If there is anything you should know about New...

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A Family Celebration I’ll Never Forget

In this post, sponsored by Litehouse Foods, I share great ways to make a summer celebration with your family delicious and fun.  When I was eleven, I remember going out to shop and eat lunch with my uncle. He was in the Navy at the time and came to New York City to visit for a bit. I had such a great time with him that day. Our NYC adventure meant so much to me because he showed up and made spending quality time with me a priority. That gesture touched my heart and part of me believes it’s why...

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Learning How to Silence the Noise in My Life So I Can Find Myself

I’ve always been pretty opinionated. So much so that when I was a kid, my mom would ask my older brother to keep an eye on me–and my mouth–if we went anywhere without her. She was sure I would say something offensive or rude. Not because I was a disrespectful kid, but because I didn’t know how to be anything but honest. As I got older, my opinionated nature remained. But a lot of noise entered my life, making it more and more difficult to gain clarity about what my thoughts were. It started to feel like there was too much...

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An Overwhelmed, Overweight Mom’s Plan For Living Well

I’m overweight. Not because some doctor told me so, but because I know my body and I know what I need to feel healthy and happy. I’m not there. I feel tired and sluggish. I had a baby twelve weeks ago. Twelve weeks and I am still exhausted. Twelve weeks and I am still trying to figure out why these extra pounds seem to act like I invited them to stay. I thought breastfeeding was suppose to help you lose all the weight? Surely keeping up with my other two kids while caring for a new one should make...

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Meet Martine

Born-n-raised in Brooklyn, New York, I now live in the suburbs of Maryland with my amazing husband and three hilarious kids. Thanks for visiting. Kick it for a bit and I'm sure you will find something to help you improve the relationships that matter to you most and live a healthier, happier life. Read more...

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