Author: Martine Foreman

Celebrating Her 5th Birthday At Port Discovery Children’s Museum

This post is sponsored by Port Discovery Children’s Museum. All opinions shared are my own. My second child and first daughter turned five just a few weeks ago. I really can’t believe it. Those early years drifted by so quickly and frankly, some of it is a blur. There was a lot going on the first two years of her life, and my attempt to manage it all has left me wishing I could experience some of those days again. Yet, despite it all, she has always served as a burst of light in our lives. Even on my most challenging days,...

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5 Signs that You Are Losing Yourself While Loving Your Man

I wouldn’t call myself a hopeless romantic, but I surely believe in true love. I believe there is someone out there for everyone, and that when you meet the right person it has the potential to last a lifetime. What I don’t believe in is loving someone so much you start to lose sight of who you are or who you want to be. I think that’s crap. You shouldn’t ever lose yourself in the name of love. It’s a toxic and dangerous path. Love should be based on awareness and acceptance. This doesn’t mean you are perfect, but...

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No, I’m Not Okay… But I’m Okay With That

Last week was a tough week. Nothing bad happened, but I was experiencing the culmination of several bad weeks. Feeling tired and stressed out was taking a serious toll, and I was not dealing with it well. Even conversations with trusted friends left me feeling like something was still wrong. And I know better. I have been through too much with my own mom to ignore signs that something is wrong. I teach women about health, self-care, self-love, and wellness all the time. Surely I could practice these things myself, right? But there I was. Feeling lost, sad, and...

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3 Expectations You Should Get Rid of to Improve Your Marriage

I expect my husband to mess up sometimes. Not because he’s some loser who always messes up—because that is far from true—but because he’s human. I hope he expects me to mess up too because I will. When you enter a relationship intended to last a lifetime, there has to be an honest discussion with yourself and your spouse about what’s expected. Many marriages struggled because of unreasonable expectations. People have to realize that if your expectations are unreasonable, they won’t be met. Furthermore, that list of expectations can leave your spouse feeling bitter and resentful. There is nothing...

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40 Things I Plan to Do Before I Turn 40

Well, today is the big day. I am 39. 39 amazing years. God has been good to me. Even in my darkest moments, I have felt His presence. I thank Him for that. I was raised by an incredible mom who never missed a beat when it came to making me feel loved. We didn’t have much, but it didn’t matter because we felt surrounded by her love. I am eternally grateful for that. As I grew up, I felt pretty secure in who I was as a person and what I had to offer the world. That has made this...

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Meet Martine

Born-n-raised in Brooklyn, New York, I now live in the suburbs of Maryland with my amazing husband and three hilarious kids. Thanks for visiting. Kick it for a bit and I'm sure you will find something to help you improve the relationships that matter to you most and live a healthier, happier life. Read more...

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