Author: Martine Foreman

Cherishing These Moments With My Last Baby

When my husband and I were dating, he shared that he wanted four kids. I shared that he should probably marry someone else because I was not having four kids. We agreed on two with the possibility of a third and we got married. After we had our first child, a handsome and funloving boy, we knew we would soon be ready for baby number two. A year later, we tried and I got pregnant. That pregnancy ended in heartache. I lost the baby due to triploidy, a chromosomal disorder that doctors informed us was not compatible with life. That...

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3 Decisions That Are Making Me a Better Wife and Mom

Do you ever get frustrated that one area of your life seems to be out of whack, only to realize that other areas are actually out of whack too, and one is affecting the other? That has happened to me, and because I’ve been so busy, it took a while for everything to finally click. I spent months feeling exhausted and stressed, wondering when something would give so I can just feel rested and stress-free. Of course, my stress levels started to affect my marriage and my children. A tired, cranky woman doesn’t make the best mom and wife,...

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Are You Seeing Your Kids For Who They Really Are?

Years ago, I was at an event. I can’t tell you the name of the event or who I was with because I can’t remeber, but I do recall something said by one of the speakers. She shared a story about raising her daughter. This woman talked about how she was outgoing and social while her daughter was more quiet and soft spoken. She then said something that has stayed with me all these years later. She said she was so busy worrying about who her daughter wasn’t, that she was missing out on who her daughter was. Wow!...

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I am Not Perfect But My Kids Will Be Just Fine

Can I be honest with you? Despite my best intentions, my kids did not have the summer I’d hoped for. I am a planner so whenever summer approaches, I have a list of things for us to do. This summer, though, I had to just go with the flow. I mean, the kids weren’t in front of the T.V. all summer, but we also didn’t do all of the things I wanted to do. Not even half of them. Why? Because life. I needed more time to adjust to life with a new baby. I also needed time to...

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Working Moms, You Should Not Do This Alone + Giveaway

A few years ago, I thought I was superwoman. I was juggling motherhood, my marriage,  my 9-5 career, my entrepreneurial ventures, and managing my mom’s care. But you know what? That super woman B.S got old fast and it really caught up with me. Like I mean, I got Hand Foot Mouth Disease because my immune system was that compromised. It was a mess! I was tapped out, overwhelmed, and in need of help. I knew that if I didn’t make changes, I was about to have a nervous breakdown. So what did I do? I slowed down. I took...

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Meet Martine

Born-n-raised in Brooklyn, New York, I now live in the suburbs of Maryland with my amazing husband and three hilarious kids. Thanks for visiting. Kick it for a bit and I'm sure you will find something to help you improve the relationships that matter to you most and live a healthier, happier life. Read more...

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