God loves me. I’ve always known this fact. But when He blessed me with the two of you–well, that’s when I realized how GREAT His love is. That’s when I realized how truly amazing His presence is in my life.

Sure, I think I’m a good person who deserves good things in life. But the two of you are so incredible, I sit in amazement about how lucky I am to be your mom. Why did God choose me to be the vessel that gave you life? I don’t know, but whatever His reason, I am grateful beyond measure.

I’m gonna be honest. I mess up with you two more than I care to admit. You both know I love you to the moon and back, and I am certain you will never, ever doubt how immense my love is. But even with that, I mess up. I say the wrong things. I break several items on the laundry list of parenting “rules.” I yell when I should whisper. I bribe when I should offer guidelines. I get frustrated when I should display patience. I fall short.

The amazing things is, I know you both forgive all of my mistakes. You probably give my shortcomings very little thought, if any at all. You cry, your get mad, you go to bed, you move on. You don’t hold grudges, you never make me feel like any less of a mom, and you always remind me how much my love means to you. For that, I thank both of you. You way of being in the world allows me to forgive myself and others. Your kindness and light-heartedness reminds me of how amazing God’s grace is. Your light makes me want to shine.

I often wonder what you will both do with your lives. I wonder what your relationship will be like in years to come. Right now, your bond is so tight. It makes my heart smile. Separated by just two and a half years, you look out for each other as fiercely as you fight over toys. You support and encourage each other in such a remarkable way. You are so young, but I guess being 3 and 5 is old enough to understand the simplicity of the human spirit. Your short time here on earth has already given you remarkable insight into what it means to love and be loved. How amazing is that.

I hope you always look out for each other. I hope your friendship continues to flourish. I hope you both are always very clear on the fact that God is with you wherever you go. I hope you both know that even when I fail epically as a mom, my intentions are always to do the right thing. My humanness allows me to fall short–often. I wish I could promise years ahead that involved very few mistakes, but I just can’t make that kind of promise. I never make promises I can’t keep.

But I do promise to love you both with every ounce of my heart. I promise that no matter where your path in life leads, my love for you will never fade. I promise that my support and encouragement won’t waver. I will always feel confident about your greatness. I will always be certain about the fact that you are meant to leave a ding in the universe, however small it might be.

As you face life’s challenges — because they will inevitably come — I hope you both continue to love in a way that inspires others to love. I hope you always shine in a way that makes others want to shine.

You drive me crazy, you keep me busy, you help me see the best of who I am and the parts of myself I want to change. You’ve made me a much better person in the 5 shorts years I have been a parent. I can only imagine the impact you will have on my life for years to come.

I am all about the hustle, and this blog is just a small slice of what I plan to do in the world–it’s just a piece of my ding. But I have to say, even with all of my incredible aspirations, there will never be anything in my life that make me feel prouder and more accomplished than being your mom. Now that’s a pretty dope feeling.

Moms, what do you want to tell your kids?