my hiar 2My hair journey is simple, yet complicated. I chopped my hair off for the first time in 2012. It was pretty short, but long enough for my hair stylist to hook me up with coils. It was a big move for me because I had never worn short hair in my life. Frankly, I never messed with my hair styles much. A relaxer and a basic wrap did the trick, and my ponytail was my low-maintenance go-to.


My relaxer days

I don’t have some deep story about why I decided to go natural. The truth is that in December of 2011 I got a relaxer, and my edges started to thin out–a bit too much for my taste. Determined to avoid having bald edges–because I am not about that life–I decided that relaxers probably needed to get the boot. I spent the next few months growing my hair out, but finally I got annoyed with the whole process (plus I was tired and pregnant) so I decided to chop it.

My first big chop

My first big chop

Almost a year later, I had a horrible salon experience where too much heat caused excessive damage. I tried to hold on to those dead ends for a few weeks until I decided I was over it. Well, actually, my husband decided I was over it.  He sat me down and said,

“Babe, you really need to just chop your hair off again. You seem miserable.”

I knew it was time. This is a man who wasn’t thrilled when I said I was going natural the first time. But he was right, I was miserable and I was holding on to lifeless hair out of principle. Very stupid. I let it go. And this time, I cut it even shorter than I did the first time.  It was liberating.


My 2nd Big Chop

Now it’s been over a year since “big chop # 2.”  My hair is in pretty good shape. I have some damage in the center of my head, but that’s another post (I think I have a scalp condition that damages the center of my scalp because hair loss in the center of my head has been an issue for decades).

My hair today

My hair today

This hair journey has taught me a lot, but most importantly, it has taught me what my hair means to me — like on some real ish. I am committed to letting this fro grow out because I would love to have long, thick, natural hair with a twist-out that is so fly every head will turn when I walk into a room. However, with that said, I think there are a few instance that would make me chop it all off again… with ease.

Here are 5 reasons I would chop my hair off… again.

1. My daughter. My daughter is almost 2 and she has very short hair. I’m not concerned because I know it will grow eventually, but I have already decided that if it takes longer to come in than we expect, I will gladly chop my hair off to let her know that she is beautiful just the way she is, and short hair is dope.

2. My career. I have a ton of goals I want to accomplish in the near future. If things get hectic and I find myself traveling a lot, I will gladly cut it off again. I’d rather get some sleep than mess with my hair for 2 hours at night.

3. My health. God forbid I ever become sick, I would rather focus on getting well than worrying about my hair. Chop, chop.

4. Another summer pregnancy. I am 90% sure I am done having kids, but since they say God laughs at our plans, who knows, right? What I do know is this: Nothing feels better to a pregnant woman in the summer heat than wetting her hair every morning and running out the door. I loved it!

5. Because I can. I am honestly at the point where I know that the length of my hair has absolutely nothing to do with my fly factor. I will cut it off whenever I feel like it simply because I can.