Can I tell you a secret? I’ve never been to Disney World. Okay, technically, I have been, but it was during a college spring break trip gone wrong, and it was only one day, Thanks to my poor memory, I have no idea what we did. I seriously don’t remember a thing. Based on everything I’ve heard, Disney is not the type of place you forget (even if you have crappy memory), so clearly this trip was not a true Disney experience. That said, I’ve never truly been.

My husband went as a child and his memory is at least 10 times better than mine, so he remembers a few things. And my two kids, ages 6 and 3, have never been. As a matter of fact, my son is convinced that we aren’t going until he is 8. I can only imagine the reaction when they both find out about our upcoming trip. We won’t be telling them until we prepare to get on the Magic Express after landing in Florida. I don’t think they will be able to contain their excitement. They might explode. Shoot–I might explode.

When I received an email a few weeks ago inviting me to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I almost fell out of my chair. I was so excited about being I was invited, and my mind started racing about how to make the most of this opportunity. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well when I got the email, so my excitement included some confusion (not unusual for me…LOL). I even mixed the weekend up with another commitment and thought I had to choose between the two. I panicked. Thankfully a friend (Christine from Moms ‘N Charge) helped me realize that I was all mixed up with the dates, so I took a deep breath, called my husband, and started planning this amazing trip.

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

So what’s all the hype about? Why am I so excited? Here are a few reasons why.

It’s Going to Be Magical 

I trust very few people as much as I trust my best friend. She’s been to Disney World more than once and has shared with me that it’s magical. Her word is all I need to believe the hype. As a lover of countless Disney films and a mom who buys her kids Disney items more than anything else, it’s so exciting to get an opportunity to experience the #DisneyMagic with my family during such a special celebration. From a great conference to great dining to fun rides to meeting incredible characters, I have no doubt that this trip will be filled with magic at every turn.

I Can’t Wait to Connect with All the Amazing Moms

I love meeting new people. When I decided to step out on faith and work for myself, I knew that one of the things I would miss most about going to an office daily is the day-to-day interaction with other adults. It’s nice to be around a group of like-minded women who are on a similar journey. This celebration is a great opportunity to meet other people, for friendships, and discover great opportunities to collaborate.

I Am Super Excited About the Sessions

I am always looking for ways to learn more. I believe that learning leads to growth and life without growth is pretty crappy. This is going to be such an awesome opportunity to listen to experts in the social media world and learn more about ways I can grow my brand. It’s also a great way to connect fellow bloggers and discover ways to better serve my audience (YOU!).

It Feels Like Christmas in April/May

My kids have no idea this is about to happen. My husband and I tend to surprise them about everything, but this is the ultimate surprise. I cannot wait to record their reaction when they realize that we are taking them to the most magical place on earth. I feel the same ways I do before Christmas morning–patiently awaiting their reaction when they open Christmas presents. I will be happily wearing that “mommy of the year’ badge for as long as I can.

I Need (and want) To Get Away

2016 hasn’t been a bad year, but there have been a few bumps along the way and it’s been pretty tiring. I am so grateful for a chance to just get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life and have a good time with the people I love most.

I Want to Eat Good Food

I’m sorry, but whenever I travel anywhere, this is one of the things I get pretty excited about, and I’ve heard some great things about the food. We have a reservation to go to Boma on Saturday night, and we can’t wait to see what #DisneySMMC has in store for us. Yum!

My Family Deserves It

My family rocks. My husband works a demanding corporate job and has been training to be a certified EMT (he’s done with that part) and a volunteer firefighter (he’s still knee-deep in that) since August. He deserves some time to just get away and have some fun with the kids. And my kids–well, they are just awesome. Truly two of the happiest and funniest kids I know. I am certain this is an experience they will never forget. Of course, I deserve it too. I mean, who doesn’t deserve some extra magic in their life, right?

So follow me on Twitter @thecandidbelle and on Instagram @candidbelle. I’ll be using the hashtag #DisneySMMC and I want you to interact with me and follow all the fun. The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration takes place May 5th-8th. I can’t wait to share about all the magic when I get back!