I paid a conference fee to attend the 2016 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and I also received discounted and complimentary items during the conference. All opinions shared are my own. 

Last week, I had the honor of visiting Disney World as a part of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. To tell you that the trip was magical is an understatement.


Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Convention Center

I have to start by sharing that I have never experienced Disney before. I’m a huge fan of the brand, but making it to Disney World just never worked out for me. Can you imagine was a blessing it was to finally make it and to take my husband and kids along for the ride? It was incredible.

I know you want pics, so I am sharing plenty of those throughout the post. Admittedly, I don’t share a ton of personal pics on the blog, so I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my Disney trip. The images I share throughout truly capture the joy and excitement we all felt during this trip.

Anyone that knows me well knows that I am not easily impressed. Don’t get me wrong; I gladly give credit where credit is due, but I just don’t jump and scream about everything. It’s one of the reasons I work with very few brands. I only get excited and share when I am truly impressed. I only scream from rooftops if I am in love.

Well, I gotta tell you, I am in love with Disney.


Because as a brand Disney really has mastered the ability to make you feel like anything is possible. It helps you experience joy in a way you typically don’t. I can’t tell you how important that is. Life is busy and crazy and challenging at every turn. This is especially true if you are a mom. That said, moments that allow you to get away, experience magic, and genuinely laugh out loud–well, those moments are priceless.

And I have to admit that the awesome team working on the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration did go above and beyond when it came to making the trip magical. The experiences they planned, the gifts they shared with us, the food we ate–it was like having pixie dust sprinkled on us time and time again. It was the type of experience you’re sad to see come to an end and so happy that you had it.

Here’s a picture of us on day one with Mickey. The kids were thrilled and my daughter even blushed. She said Mickey’s face tickled her when he gave her a hug. It was adorable.


So what made this trip so magical for all of us? There were so many things that I really can’t touch on it all in one post. What I will do is share our top 5 moments with you. Yep, I consulted with hubby and the kiddies before selecting these 5. Don’t worry, I will have a few more posts where I will talk about Disney’s new film, Finding Dory, the inspiring Dream Big, Princess campaign, Animal Kingdom, and what we plan to do the next time we visit. But  until all of that comes your way, enjoy this glimpse into a few things that brought us a ton of joy.

The Tree of Life – So this happened our first night at Disney and it was amazing. We went to Animal Kingdom for an awesome dinner. The kids even had a chance to take a picture with Timon from The Lion King. They had a blast. But after the amazing dinner (and dessert), we were able to literally watch the Tree of Life come to life during an event called Nighttime Awakenings. It was honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. My husband and children looked as amazed as I did. Nighttime Awakenings opens Memorial Day weekend, so if you head to Disney after Memorial Day, you have to check it out. It’s spectacular.

Nighttime Awakenings - Tree of Life

Nighttime Awakenings – Tree of Life

Space Mountain – I have to tell you that I am a stickler when it comes to my kids going to bed on time. I try my best to have both of them tucked in by 7:30pm. But what happens at Disney stays at Disney, right? My 6-year-old son was on Space Mountain with his mom and dad at almost 11:00pm and it was AMAZING. I was screaming half of the time (okay, I was screaming the whole time), but it was because I was having such a blast. At one point I heard my husband asking if I was okay (you can’t see a thing in there). I think he started to wonder if my screams were truly screams of fear. I yelled out, “this is amazing!!!.” He started laughing. My son is still talking about how Space Mountain was one of the coolest things he’s ever been on in his life. Definitely check it out when you visit.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain

Space Mountain

My son enjoying Space Mountain

Enchanted Tales With Belle – I’m a little sad that I missed this experience, but I was busy at conference sessions all day (which included a viewing of the first 30 minutes of Finding Dory, so I am NOT complaining). My husband went to Magic Kingdom with the kids and they had a chance to hang out with Princess Belle. The children had a blast and even my husband said it was a pretty awesome experience for them. If the family tells me an experience is worthy of a top 5 slot, I have to believe them.

enchanted tales with Belle

My son with Princess Belle

enchanted tales with belle

My daughter and Princess Belle

Festival of The Lion King – My kids are HUGE fans of The Lion King and The new Disney Junior show, The Lion Guard. Needless to say, they were thrilled to see this show. From Timon to Pumba to Simba himself, this show left us wanting more. The kids were mesmerized and so were we. This is definitely an experience you do not want to miss.

festival of the lion king

festival of the lion king

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular – My best friend told me that we had to see this. Thank goodness we did. We weren’t sure the kids would hold out until 9:00pm, but like I mentioned earlier, these kids were still up at midnight…LOL. They were both up for the show and I am so happy they were. It was magical. If you make it to Disney please DO NOT leave without seeing this amazing display of fireworks at Magic Kingdom. It’s worth writing home about. You won’t regret staying up late for it. I promise.

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

If you’ve been to Disney before, tell me what our favorite experiences were. If you’ve never been, tell me what you’d like to check out and stay tuned because I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks.

Some of the images in ths post were taken with Disney’s Memory Maker, which I received at no charge from the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration team.