You have big plans, a long list of goals, and you’ve even pulled the trigger on a few major projects. It seems like you are on your way, except for one thing; there are some people in your life busy draining your spirit and trying to distract you from your dreams. Dag! Just when you begin to make progress, here they come with their negativity–causing you to lose your focus.

And as much as you tell yourself you are so focus they can’t touch you, I have some unfortunate news to share. Those “messy” people in your life are like an infection. You can try to ignore them, or even fight their energy off, but at some point the infection will infiltrate your big plans and start to mess things up.

So how do you make your big dreams come true without cutting people off or seeming like a major jerk? Honestly, you can’t always do it without a few people being pissed off. That’s just fine, though, because some of those people needed to get cut off anyway (probably years ago). Or some of them may just need to be placed in a part of your life that you rarely visit, therefore decreasing their ability to distract you from what’s yours.

Part of the entrepreneurial endeavor is having the courage to remove the wrong people from our lives, while strengthening our relationships with the right ones. You need a circle of people that understand this journey you are on and appreciate what goes into it. You need a circle that adds value to your experience in some way.

Here are 5 people I think all entrepreneurs should have in their circle.

The Realist

Do not confuse this person with the pessimist who swears that none of your big dreams will work. The realist actually thinks your big dreams are pretty awesome, but they just want to make sure you are prepared for every possible outcome. This is the friend that will tell you, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

The Encourager

This is the person that helps you pick yourself back up when you have experienced a perceived failure. They remind you that a meaningful lesson was learned and help you realize how exciting the future looks because of what you just went through.

The Brainstormer

We all need a trusted person we can bounce ideas off of without fearing they will steal it (although I just can’t understand what kind of person does that anyway). The brainstormer will hear you out, offer feedback, and help you sort through all the ideas you have so you can determine which ones are worth pursuing.

The Believer

Everyone needs a friend that believes in them, while also believing in a higher power that can offer strength and guidance. The believer won’t just tell you that everything is as it should be and the best it yet to come, but they will pray for you so you can come to that conclusion on your own.

The Veteran

This is the friend who is many steps ahead of you and pretty much knows a bunch of stuff you don’t know… yet. The veteran wants to share what they’ve learned in the hopes of helping you grow, and they expect you to do the same for someone else one day.

Who’s in your circle?