Well, today is the big day. I am 39.

39 amazing years.

God has been good to me. Even in my darkest moments, I have felt His presence.

I thank Him for that.


Mommy and Me… she was 35 in this picture.

I was raised by an incredible mom who never missed a beat when it came to making me feel loved. We didn’t have much, but it didn’t matter because we felt surrounded by her love. I am eternally grateful for that.

As I grew up, I felt pretty secure in who I was as a person and what I had to offer the world. That has made this thing called life less painful and so much easier to navigate.

I’ve made mistakes, but I have no regrets. I think I turned out okay. More than okay based on the picture below…


My happy dance

I’ve shed my share of tears, but I have enjoyed these 39 years of life. Every decision I’ve made has led me to where I am today. I thank God for all of it.

And as I celebrate this day, I gotta tell you I am looking forward to turning 40 next year. Not only am I looking forward to 40, but I am looking forward to this year leading up to my fortieth birthday. I am ready to tackle this fortieth year of my life with passion and focus. I have a list of goals to crush, both big and small, and I plan to crush every single one.


My 2 older kids


Chillin’ with hubby


With baby girl

And although these disrespectful ass gray hairs don’t want me to be great, I still plan to rock out this upcoming year with every ounce of fabulousness I can muster up. I am too dope to do it any other way.

Can you me a favor, though? Can you look at this list and hold me accountable? I don’t care if we are close friends, or if I am just some chick whose blog you like, I need your help.

So here are 40 things I plan to do before I turn 40. Grab a glass of wine. It’s a lot!

  1. Paint my bedroom. I moved into my house over 5 years ago. We still haven’t painted our bedroom. It’s sad. It needs to happen in the next 12 months.
  2. Plan my 2nd annual Wellness event. I am not sure what it will look like ( it depends on what happens in a few weeks at the first event) but I know I will plan something next fall.
  3. Host a Christmas that requires very little cooking and work. I love my family, but I have three kids now, ya’ll. I am not staying in that kitchen all day. Come on over and bring some food with you if you want to eat well. Please and thank you!
  4. Take an indoor rock climbing class because it just seems like fun.
  5. Do something drastic to my hair. As of now, I think I’ll either chop it all off or get locs.
  6. Finish and publish my book. I’ve been struggling, but now I see why. God needed me to go through a few more things before I put this book out into the world. It’s coming, though.
  7. Get a quality set of pots because the ones we have are kind of whack.
  8. Attend BlogHer18 Health in New York City. Amazing event and a reason to go back home. I can’t pass that up.
  9. Attend a sales and marketing event in June that I have been eyeballing for over a year.
  10. Get published in a national print magazine. This damn goal has been nagging me for years!
  11. Host my first all-day wellness boot camp for moms. You coming?
  12. Pay off any CC debt I have because debt sucks.
  13. Build more muscle because I am 39 and I gain weight just by smelling cookies. It’s messed up, really.
  14. Go on a cruise for the first time.
  15. Grow my e-commerce site, forbrooklyngirls.com.
  16. Buy five or more dresses because I recently realized that I look really good in dresses.
  17. Get a bike and go for a few rides.
  18. Get at least 2 professional massages.
  19. Read at least 12 books.
  20. Go to a casino with friends because it’s been too long since I’ve been.
  21. Visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
  22. Mentor a young woman.
  23. Go to a wine vineyard.
  24. Spend a weekend alone to write and sleep.
  25. Play in the snow with my kids.
  26. Try Pilates again.
  27. Visit Chicago for a girls trip.
  28. Pay someone to revamp candidbelle.com and martineforeman.com.
  29. Form partnerships with at least 2 of my dream brands.
  30. Plan a celebration for my fortieth birthday.
  31. Attend a self-care retreat being hosted by a friend.
  32. Collaborate more with fellow entrepreneurs.
  33. Facilitate at least 5 corporate wellness workshops.
  34. Book at least 10 speaking engagements (1 down… 9 to go)
  35. Go to the beach.
  36. Create video content at least once a week.
  37. Have a fun photoshoot with my family.
  38. Send random cards and gifts to people I love… just because.
  39. Plan an awesome family summer vacation.
  40. Find a new church I love.

Phew! That was a lot. And listen, there will be no feeling bad if I don’t accomplish every goal. I am ALL about showing myself some grace. But these goals matter to me a lot so I am going for it.

Pray for me ya’ll.


Feature image photo credit: Eye Imagery


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