Can I be honest with you? I hate football. I do. My husband loves it, I support his love for it, and life in our home is pretty peaceful during football season, but I have no real interest in watching games or anything like that. I also don’t want my son playing football when he grows up because it scares the mess out of me. Yep, I am that mama. And I have no shame.

But I have a confession to make. I actually do like Super Bowl Sunday. I know, I know.. the nerve. How dare I hate the sport all season and them jump on the bandwagon for the last game? Listen, I don’t have any shame about that either. I can jump on and off the bandwagon whenever I want. After all, this is Americal, right?

So why do I love the Super Bowl? It’s pretty simple, really.


Even though I heard a lot of companies are cutting back on their advertising budgets this year, I am still eager to see the commercials. Sure, you will always have a few that don’t quite make you laugh out loud, but there are usually enough funny commercials to make it worth my time. Considering everything going on in the world, I think we could all use a good laugh.

Time with Family & Friends

Whether we go to a friend’s home or decide to chill at our own place, I just love to relax and spend time with people that I like. It always leads to lots of laughs and an overall great time. So even if football isn’t my favorite thing to watch, spending time with people who make me smile definitely trumps that fact.

Good Food (keep reading in you like Mexican food)

I love to eat. And although I am a health coach, I am not one of those coaches who convinces people that salads and yogurt are the only foods allowed in your diet. I don’t think it’s realistic. I believe healthy eating is really important, but we have to be able to indulge from time to time. Super Bowl Sunday feels Like a good day for indulging, don’t you think? That’s why I am super excited to share this awesome giveaway I am hosting with my friends from On the Border. Between now and Super Bowl Sunday, On the Border is offering 20% off online orders of $100 or more. And as if that isn’t awesome enough, if you enter the giveaway below you will get $100 in coupons to spend at On the Border. Yes, $100.

So whether you are throwing a Super Bowl bash, or just kicking it with your family at home that day, this is a great way to enjoy good food without any trouble. You can place your order on and pick it up at a location near you (sometimes in as little as 30 minutes). With more than 150 restaurants worldwide, I hope there is a location near you. Visit this link to find out before you enter. To get your 20% off, please use code FOOTBALL20.

super bowl

So yea, I may hate football, but I love to hang with family and friends, I love a good laugh, and I love to eat. So don’t enjoy this epic game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons (shocker, I actually know who’s playing…LOL), without entering for a chance to win some yummy food from On the Border. From wings to tacos to mini-quesadillas and more you really can’t go wrong. Oh, and they even offer a House Margarita Canteen now. I won’t be ordering it because I am 6 months pregnant and I’m a hater (if I can’t drink, no one drinks…LOL), but if you love margaritas, please go for it and have one for me.

Good luck! You only have 4 days to enter because I want to try my best to get the winner the $100 in coupons before Super Bowl 51!

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