It’s been a crazy two weeks, and I am finally coming up for some air. Two weeks ago I completed the More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon in New York City. It was a great experience. Three days before the race, however, my lovely children gave me a stomach bug. These kids get sick all the time and I rarely get it, but of course, three days before a 13.1 mile race, they decide to hook mommy up.  Gotta love it.

I left for New York City wondering if I would even make it to the starting line, let alone the finish line. I wasn’t too concerned, though, because I am not a fast runner and I was really doing it for the experience, not for time. I spent the weekend with my younger cousin, Jen, who decided to join me for the race at the very last minute. I also met up with a friend, @smartnsassymom, and that was great because we promised we would cross the finish line together (yea, I love my cousin but she left my a$$ before the race started).

Me and my cousin, Jen, before the race

Me and my cousin, Jen, before the race

I also got to spend some time with my BFF while in the city (but not enough), and I got to hangout with my cousin and his wife. They were kind enough to let me crash at their place. Overall, the weekend was awesome. The weather was perfect, Central Park was fabulous, and I crossed the finish line feeling like a champ — even though it took me a really long time to finish.

Me, Jen, my cousin Pou (Jen's brother) and his wife, Tara.

Me, Jen, my cousin Pou (Jen’s brother) and his wife, Tara.

The week after the half, I complete the Baltimore Color Run and that was so much fun.  I ran the race with three of my fellow mocha moms and it was super cool (I only didn’t include a pic with them because I forgot to ask them if it was okay). I ended the race dusted in yellow, blue, green, purple, and hot pink. Everyone at the race was just relaxing and having a blast. I see why they call it the #TheHappiest5k on the planet. I definitely plan to do it again.

Looking #Happy after the Color Run

Looking #Happy after the Color Run

Next up is the Baltimore Women’s Classic in June, followed by the Shape Diva Dash in August.  They are both 5ks. That means I have a reason to keep on running. I am considering another half marathon in October, but I am still on the fence. And you know what else? I finally did it and pulled the Weight Watchers trigger. It’s time. I should have lost more weight by now, but if you eat as much as you run, the weight doesn’t quite melt away. I have lost 12 pounds since December and I would like to lose 3o more by my Birthday in October. Very doable in my opinion. Let’s hope that between WW and all this running I can make it happen.

Wish me luck (although I don’t think I need it… or maybe I do)!

One more thing. I recently discovered this quote and it perfectly describe how I feel about doing these races.

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham