nablopomoToday is the 28th of November — Thanksgiving Day — and I still find myself on the NaBloPoMo journey.  If I could stick to my weight loss efforts the way I’ve stuck to this, I’d be 40 pounds lighter (Im just saying’).

I was thinking about saving this blog post for the 30th, but I’ve decided against it.  Today is a day of thanks, so why not share what I’ve learned during this month-long journey because I truly am thankful for it all.

I wasn’t sure what to expect during a month of daily blogging, and frankly I thought doing this might ruin the joy that blogging adds to my life, but I was completely wrong.  This experience has confirmed that on this blogging journey is exactly where I need to be at this moment in my life.

Here’s what NaBloPoMo has taught me:

1) Challenges help me grow — even if they aren’t super deep 

2) CandidBelle is a true reflection of who I am 

3) I need to start creating an editorial calendar (on the 2014 list of “must do” things)

4) There are still some parts of myself I struggle with sharing 

5) I can lose weight easily if I care about my health at least as much as I care about blogging 

6) My husband truly is one of my biggest fans 

7) I have a loyal group of followers because no one unsubscribed despite my daily emails 🙂 

8) I can type a post in about 10 minutes when I need to (and a good one at that)

9) I should have been using PicMonkey since last year (where the hell have I been?)

10) I am definitely giving CandidBelle a Facelift for the new year 

11) New content areas are coming soon… including health/wellness, motherhood and much more 

12) I need to seek clarity on a few things so I don’t enter the new year feeling confused

13) I am so not crafty.  I planned on doing a few posts about crafts with the kids… but I didn’t  

14) I am more determined than ever to present at BlogHer in 2014 

15) Blogging is teaching me so much about who I am and what my life’s mission is  

16) Blogging is good (actually it’s great) for the soul 

17) You will all be seeing a lot more of me in the new year