oprahThis is has been a rough two weeks. First, I stopped my half marathon training for a whole week. Yep, my butt didn’t do anything for 7 whole days.  Talk about disappointed in myself.  Then my mom was hospitalized (long, long story), so I have spent the last week trying to help manage her care and I still can’t work out all the details. My son has decided that he wants to keep testing me (he’s almost 4, so it’s to be expected), but boy is it hard to be patient and understanding with a kid (yes, even your own kid) when life is piling on the stress. Needless to say the poor kid lost a few privileges this week and although I was dying to give a few back (I am a softy deep down) I couldn’t because the experts say that consistency and follow-through is key (I am definitely over the experts right about now).  And of course, I am trying to juggle a million other responsibilities (including my beloved blog). I am EXHAUSTED — for real!

So, instead of boring you with every single detail of my life and all the things that made me cry in the last two week, because unfortunately there are a few, I am going to share a list of quotes I’ve come across that have honestly helped me PULL IT TOGETHER.  After days of reading and processing these quotes, I am now working out daily again, doing my very best to process my mother’s new normal (which is seriously hard), and trying to communicate with my son in a way that is far more effective than yelling simply because I am stressed and he is 4.

I hope these quotes help you out, because no matter what your struggle is, I know your struggle is real and every little bit helps when it comes to making it through.

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