84dc4249-8fd0-46c3-8af8-31ed3e39e8edMy parents were born and raised in Haiti. By the time my brother and I came along, they were settled in the United States, so we never experienced the poverty and hardship that was a part of their everyday lives in Haiti. They came to this country determined to create a better life, and that determination has allowed me to create a life my mother was only able to dream of.

As a child, my mom would share many stories about what life in Haiti was like for her when she lived there. I would always listen in shock and in awe, amazed by how much strength she had to create a life for us that was so different than the reality she was handed. Indeed, her strength has always inspired me.

This year, I have quite a few goals on my list as I actively work on creating my best life. One of my goals is all about doing good deeds. When I found out about the 100 Good Deeds Bracelet and the #DeedADay movement I knew I had to become a part of it. A campaign that is helping people across the world, including Haiti, just felt like the perfect fit. After all, a fashion statement that is linked to an awesome social cause makes me smile.

I am dedicated to wearing my bracelet and doing a deed a day. Do you think you can join me? I think you definitely can, and I would love it if you did. Imagine if we all took a little time to do a good deed a day.  Wouldn’t the world be a much better place? It really doesn’t take much. It’s just a matter of each of us doing our part.



So what is a good deed, anyway? Well, it just means that we go out of our way to help someone, while remaining anonymous. Every time you do a good deed, move the ring on your 1GD bracelet closer to the button.  It serves as a reminder that you are making a difference, and together we are making this world a brighter place. Together we can change the world, one deed, one bead, one act of kindness at a time.

These gorgeous bracelets are made by amazing, passionate, hardworking women who’ve been trained for this work in Uganda, India, Indonesia, Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda, and Haiti. This project gives these women a way to support their families through earnings, while empowering them to also contribute to good deeds around the world. This is an amazing movement worth joining.

Are you curious about the woman who designed this awesome bracelet? I’m sure you are, because I was. The bracelets are designed by Mary Fisher-author, artist and AIDS advocate. The 100 Good Deeds bracelet is not just about an awesome cause, but it allows you to make a fashion statement while standing up for something your believe in. This non-profit provides economic and educational opportunities to women and girls across Africa and in other parts of the world. Proceeds from 1GD bracelets are reinvested in the program to provide more women and girls with more training in more countries. I just love it!

By joining the 100 Good Deeds campaign, I hope to spread the word about the #DeedADay movement and make a difference in the lives of these women from my native country and beyond. I know my grandmother would be proud of me for being a part of this, and I know my mother is proud. That makes my heart smile. Why don’t you make your heart smile, too?

To join the #DeedADay movement, share one of these images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest using hashtag #DeedADay and tagging the 100 Good Deeds Bracelet.

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I was gifted this 100 Good Deeds bracelet to review and share with my readers. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.